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the sport that a backstop plays in is Baseball


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The plural of backstop is backstops.

The backstop on a baseball field is position behind home plate to block stray pitches or foul balls. This helps to prevent more balls from being lost in the stands and potential injuries to spectators.

the backstop covers 4th base to prevent the ball from passing the base allowing rounders being scored or fills that position if there is not a player on 4th stumping people out.

It's not a big fancy word. It's just called a backstop.

the whole piece of glass basketball backstop came off the basketball hoop we have on our garage what kind of glue can we use to put the backstop back up?

It varies from field to field. Ideally, the backstop is suggested to make a circle with the radius from HP to the backstop the distance to the rubber - 60 feet. All parks are different.

bowler, batter, fielders, backstop

you choose the one that is is square

It is referred to as the "backstop"

The backstop just prevents the ball from going out into the stand from a wild pitch or baseball. It also helps the catcher get to the ball faster if a ball gets past and a runner is stealing a base or coming home

A Earthbank would be your best bet man. That link explains everything.

There are not set dimensions for backstops or where the fences are located in the field. There are rules stating that dugouts cannot be more then 25 ft from the foul lines, so considering where dugouts are in relation to the backstop that would provide some sort of standards, but to answer your question, no there is no set rule for backstops specifically

Of course not. Once the ball hits a fence or a wall it is the same as if it hit the ground.

It's not how much land you have that really matters. You need to have a backstop that will stop what you are shooting.

For a simple BB or Pellet gun a cardboard box filled with newspapers old catalogues will do. But if you want to go high tech then you will need ballistic putty from Pyramydair on the web. In fact they sell a trap already complete. "Air Venturi Quiet Pellet Trap, Incl. Ballistic Putty + Steel Backstop."

there are 9 players on a rounders team a bowler a backstop 3 deep fielders and 4 players on posts

Put it into the gun it was designed for and shoot a target with a safe backstop. That's the only sane thing to do with live ammunition.

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