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What is the bad side of puberty?

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Hormones cause a physiological effect on the body. While the mind is trying to function, the body is changing, and that causes confusion.

2008-01-01 05:10:35
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Is it normal if your voice cracks but you have no other side effects of puberty?

There are no side effects of Puberty. Puberty is natural and normal. Changes happen to the body and brain that brings a child through puberty to adulthood. If your voice has broken then you will be a good way through puberty.

Do farts smell bad during puberty?

Farts will always smell bad, even when you haven't gone through puberty. But when you go through puberty, they will smell the same as they always did.

How does the Indian culture deal with puberty?

The Indian culture is stereotypical with puberty. They treat it as bad thing.

Why is it bad for girls to diet through puberty?

It is bad for girls to diet during puberty because your body is growing and maturing and it needs ALL the nuterience it can get

Can puberty have side effects?

Of course (I think)

Is it bad to never hit puberty?

Its almost impossible

Why should a girl or boy not feel bad about his changes during puberty?

There is no point in feeling bad about it as we all have to grow through it. Everyone will go through Puberty to become an adult.

Is it possible not to go though puberty?

no puberty is a very normal part of life u just have to cope with itA: Yes, theres a certain condition that causes you not to go through puberty but i forgot what its all, though its bad for you, very bad. Puberty is an important aspect of life, you gotta go through it sooner or later.

Is a 1 inch penis bad when your done puberty?


How do you effectively enlarge your penis without having bad side effects?

There isn't much you can do to make your penis longer. If you are still a boy it will grow all by itself during puberty.

Im an 11year old male and have not gone through puberty is that bad?

no. its definetly not. most guys start puberty at about 12-13

What are some of the side affects of puberty?

Acne is the most common side effect. Also voice breaking and pimples are the side effects.

Is puberty bad?

No,why would puberty be bad!? It means your body is working correctly and it also means that you should be more careful with your actions ,especially for girls,and also shower and take more care of your body more!

Puberty if not reached by 21 is it bad?

Yes, and you NEED to talk to your doctor, it is a serious problem if you haven't reached puberty by 16 let alone 21

What is the bad side of a hurricane?

Normally the "bad" side of hurricaine is considered to be the west side or north west quadrant to be more specific. The bad or 'dirty' side of a hurricane is the northeastern side. Southwest side is the 'clean' side

I am 15 and haven't started puberty is it bad?

no - everyone starts at a different age

What are some good things about puberty?

Big breasts? Bigger penis? I wouldn't say theres any other "good" things about puberty.. theres bad! Such as, pubic hair, armpit hair, periods, voice change (good OR bad) but you know.. whatever you like with puberty is what you judge.. :) hope this helped

Do all guys get acne at puberty?

Pretty much everyone gets acne at puberty. How bad and how long it lasts varies between individuals, but it is a given that it will occur.

Can you get hormone pills to speed up puberty?

That is only prescribed if you are around 17yo and has not hit puberty yet. It's dangerous and have side effects to eat hormones.

Are teachers good or bad?

One side of them is good the other side is bad ^.^

Im 13 and still havent gone through puberty is that bad?

no because everyone is unique as they say so if your puberty is late then it's not a big deal because there are early bloomers and late bloomers in puberty and you are a late bloomer.

You have erections often and im 11 is that bad?

No it means you have reached puberty. You are completely normal.

Is it true Canadians go through puberty slower than others?

No that is a bad joke.

Was Russia good or bad in World War 1?

There is no bad side or good side but Russia was on the Allies Side.

Why do people's sweat stink after they start puberty?

Once a pre-teen hits puberty their hormones start to act up. Later on in puberty when they start to sweat, their hormones act up even more giving off a bad oder.