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There is no chemical equation for the first law of thermodynamics, which is that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. This is a more general principle than any chemical equation.

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Q: What is the balance chemical equation for the first law of thermodynamics?
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Who was the first iatrochemist to balance a chemical equation?

Jean Beguin was the first iatrochemist to balance a chemical equation.

The first step in undertaking any chemical calculation is to?

You have to first balance the equation.

When writing a chemical equation what must be written first?

First write down what you know. Reactants go on the left, followed by an arrow, with products on the right. Balance the equation.

What is a website to balance chemical equations?

Google "chemical equation balancer". I use the first link, which should be from WebQC. (Links are not allowed in answers.)

How do you balance chemical equation?

if u want to gate Ur answer than u first u have to know about molecular formula and balance it with the number of atoms of the elements

What is the first step in solving a problem in stoichiometry?

Balance the number of atoms for each element on both sides of a chemical equation

What is the first chemical in the chemical equation called?

The first reactant.

The equation ฮ”U equals Q W describes?

first law of thermodynamics apex

The equation triangleu equals q w describes which one what?

First law of thermodynamics

What method do you use to balance a chemical equation?

Simple first check one and then the second side and keep oon increasing the coefficients .

What are the parts of an equation called?

The Reactants are the first part of a chemical equation and the Products are the second part of a chemical equation.

What is the first part of a chemical equation called?

The reactants.

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