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The Ballet 'Apollo' was originally choreographed by George Balanchine in 1928. The music is by Igor Stravinsky and the costumes were designed by Coco Chanel. The ballet revolves around the main character, Apollo, and his interaction with the three muses: Poetry, Rhetoric, and Dance. It begins with the birth of Apollo, then the presentation of the gifts from the muses, and ends with their ascent into the arena of the Gods on Mount Olympus.

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When was Apollo - ballet - created?

Apollo - ballet - was created in 1928.

Famous ballet dancer?

Polina Semionova is a very pretty (and famous) ballerina. Mikhail Baryshnikov is a famous and extremely well-know male ballet dancer. Apollo is one of Baryshnikov's most famous ballets. George Balanchine was also an EXTREMELY famous (and considered legendary) male ballet dancer.

What are the top 50 ballet companies in the US?

American Ballet Theatre New York City Ballet Pacific Northwest Ballet Boston Ballet Joffrey Ballet Chicago Pittsburg Ballet Theatre Ballet West Atlanta Ballet Carolina Ballet Ballet Met Cincinnati Ballet Houston Ballet San Francisco Ballet Miami City Ballet Pennsylvania Ballet Tulsa Ballet Los Angelos Ballet Grand Rapids Ballet American Repertory Ballet Milwaukee Ballet Colorado Ballet Washington Ballet Texas Ballet Theatre North Carolina Dance Theatre

Why did Louis xiv wish to be viewed as the mythological god Apollo?

Instead of being painted with a true likeness all the time, Louis XIV would be painted or sculpted as Apollo or Alexander, to focus on the allegorical or the mythological. He was also known to perform ballet and took leading roles that were suitably royal or godlike, like the role of Apollo.

What are the various styles of ballet?

* Ballet d'action * Classical ballet * Contemporary ballet * Neoclassical ballet * Pre-romantic ballet * Romantic ballet And there are three ballet techniques: * French ballet * Russian Vaganova method * Italian Cecchetti method

What are 4 ballet groups?

American Ballet Theatre, the Pennsylvania Ballet, The Kirov Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet

Is it le ballet or la ballet in french?

it is " le ballet ", ballet is a masculine

What are the best ballet schools?

The Royal Ballet School- London Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of The American Ballet Theatre School of American Ballet Orlando Ballet School Pacific Northwest Ballet School Boston Ballet School Joffrey Ballet New York San Francisco Ballet Ballet Austin School Sarasota Ballet School Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Cincinnati Ballet School Ben Stevenson Academy of Houston Ballet Texas Ballet Theatre School Tulsa Ballet School Ballet Chicago Colorado Ballet School Atlanta Ballet Academy Milwaukee Ballet School Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington D.C. Washington Ballet School Sarasota Ballet School Academy of Dance official School of the Joffrey Ballet Chicago Royal Swedish Ballet Bolshoi School of St. Petersburg, Russia

What are the different kinds of ballet?

classical ballet, modern ballet, theatrical ballet and contempary

What are some Royal Ballet companies?

the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Royal Danish Ballet Royal Swedish Ballet Royal Ballet of Flanders Birmingham Royal Ballet

What are the top ballet companies in usa2011?

American Ballet Theatre New York City Ballet San Fransisco Ballet Pacific Northwest Ballet Boston Ballet

What are the top 10 ballet schools in the US?

1. American Ballet Theatre 2. New York City Ballet 3. San Francisco Ballet 4. Miami City Ballet 5. Pacific Northwest Ballet 6. Boston Ballet 7. Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre 8. Ballet Arizona 9. Washington Ballet 10. LINES Ballet

What are the top 10 ballet companies?

Well, from the research I've done and... just off the top of my head...The American Ballet TheatreThe New York City BalletThe Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal BalletThe Paris Opera BalletThe Royal Danish BalletThe San Francisco BalletThe Pacific Northwest BalletThe Kirov BalletThe Los Angeles BalletThe National Ballet of Canada... Just off the top of my head.

What was Final Jeopardy for July 30 2010?

The Category was the The Nine MusesThe clue was "In a Balanchine Ballet, Apollo God of Music has a favorite muse, this one"The answer was Who TerpsichoreThe 9 Muses.

What are the top 10 ballets in the US?

#10 New York City Ballet #9 American Ballet Theatre #8 San Fransisco Ballet #7 Atlanta Ballet #6 Boston Ballet #5 Houston Ballet #4 Miami City Ballet #3-Pacific Northwest Ballet #2 Joffrey Ballet #1 Washington Ballet

What is the renaissance ballet?

renaissance ballet is ballet in the renaissance time.

How is ballet used for today?

Ballet is used, how ballet is used!

What are the top 5 ballet schools in the world?

Royal Ballet School Bolshoi Ballet School Kirov Ballet School Paris Opera Ballet School School of American Ballet

Name the ballets by Igor Stravinsky?

AgorApolloLe baiser de la féeThe FirebirdHistoire du soldatJeu de cartesMonumentum pro GesualdoNoah and the FloodLes nocesOrpheusPetrushkaPulcinellaRequiem CanticlesThe Rite of SpringScénes de ballet (Ashton)Scénes de ballet (Taras)Scénes de ballet (Wheeldon)

How many Apollos were there?

There were 18 Apollo missions. # AS-201 # AS-202 # AS-203 # AS-204 (Failure) # Apollo 4 # Apollo 5 # Apollo 6 # Apollo 7 # Apollo 8 # Apollo 9 # Apollo 10 # Apollo 11 # Apollo 12 # Apollo 13 (Partial success) # Apollo 14 # Apollo 15 # Apollo 16 # Apollo 17

Name two famous Russian ballet companies?

Russian is known for its many ballet companies. The two most famous ballet companies in Russia are the Bolshoi Ballet and Mariinsky Ballet. The Mariinsky Ballet used to be known as the Kirov Ballet.

What does ballet mean in spanish?

Ballet in Spanish is actually the same "Ballet"

What is another word for ballet slippers?

Another word for ballet slippers is ballet flats which are the soft ballet shoes.

What is an opera-ballet?

an opera ballet is an opera that incorporates ballet dancing in part to tell the story of the opera

How can you win in ballet?

By achieving your highest potential in ballet. Ballet is not a game, so you cannot exactly "win" in ballet.