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you are looking about 150 to 165 not much more than that.

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Q: What is the base horse power of a 1986 Chevy 305 super sport?
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How much horse power does a Bugatti veyron super sport have?

1200 horse power

What does ss stand for on Chevy?

Super Sport

What does SS stand for on a Chevy?

Super Sport (SS)

What does Chevy ssr mean?

Super Sport Roadster

What does ss stand for on Chevy Impala?

Super sport

What does SS mean on Chevy cars?

it means super sport

How much horse power does a super charger add?

about 100 horse.

What does the letters ss stand for on a Chevy Chevelle?

SS stands for super sport

What does Chevy ls stand 4?

SS is generic Chevy lingo for "Super Sport" LS is generic Chevy lingo for "Luxury Sport" Basically it's an "options package" with a mix of some of the SS performance combined with power windows/locks, climate-control or other interior "luxuries". The specifics depend on the model+year.

What are the release dates for Pimp My Ride - 2004 Kristoffer's 1965 Chevy Impala SS Super Sport?

Pimp My Ride - 2004 Kristoffer's 1965 Chevy Impala SS Super Sport was released on: USA: 30 December 2007

What does the ls mean on a Chevy truck?

Chevrolet Blazer LS = Luxury Sport SS = Super Sport LT = Luxury Touring RS = Rally sport LS - Luxury sport

How much are 14 inch Chevy super sport hubcaps worth?

It's all about the condition.

When was the last year of the super sport?

that depends on what kinda car your talking about chevy still has a ss 2014

How much horse power does a super charger add to a LS 2 engine in a GTO?

100 horse.

How fast can super cars go?

Depending on the horse power of the engine.

What is the rated horsepower of a 1973 Chevy Cheyenne super 454?

the 454 out of the chevelle in 73 had 265 horse.

How much horse power does a super charger add to a LS 2 engine?

Between 100 and 200 horse.

Did Chevy offer a 327 engine in the super sport Chevelle?

Yes, but in 1964 and 1965 ONLY. Starting in 1966 they were ALL big blocks until the very end of super sport production when ANY engine was optional for an SS.

How can i get more power out of your 350 vortech Chevy truck?

Install a Super-Charger or Turbocharger.

What is an impala ss?

a impala ss is a super sport version of a Chevy impala. rival to the ls which is the luxury sport. a impala is a Chevy and usually the impala ss is a 8 cylinder which is rival to all the other 6 cylinder impalas. they sometimes come supercharged

Which is faster Bugatti Veyron grand sport or Bugatti Veyron super sport?

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

What are the different styles of Chevy Trail Blazer available?

There are three models of the Chevy Trailblazer. The standard model, the EXT which has a 3rd row seat and makes it a 7 passenger and the SS which is super sport.

Did Chevrolet offer the super Sport package on the Nova 4 door?

No, Chevy SS only came in a two door, good luck

Can Lamborghini beat Bugatti veyron super sport in a race?

Of course bugatti veyron super sport because bugatti veyron super sport is the fastest car in the world

What do the acronyms on car names mean?

It depends on the make and model, for example an Chevy Impala SS means Impala Super Sport, GT means Grand Turismo, usually it is just a way to tell you the differences in an engine, for example most Super Sport vehicles by Chevy have bigger engines or more powerfull version of the engine. Be more specific it will make it easier for people to answer.