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Candella is the unit is SI system for luminous intensity

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Base unit of luminous intensity?

The SI fundamental unit for luminous intensity is the candela, cd.

What is Si unit of luminous intensity?

In the SI the unit of luminous intensity is candela(cd).

What is the unit used to measure luminous intensity in the SI system?

The SI unit of luminous intensity is the candela.

What instrument measures luminous intensity or flux?

Luxmeter measures luminous intensity. The SI unit of luminous intensity is candela (cd).

What is the SI unit of luminous intensity?

The SI unit of Intensity of light is CANDELA.

What is the unit of luminous intensity?


The measure of intensity in LIGHT?

The SI unit for luminous intensity is candela (cd).

What is the Cgs unit of luminous intensity?


What is the basic unit of light in the metric system?

The unit of luminous intensity is a candela.

What are the symbol of si unit for lengthcurrenttempreturemasstime and luminous intensity?

Length: mcurrent: Atemperature: Kmass: kgtime: sluminous intensity: cd

How many meters are in a candela?

The meter is a unit of length, the candela is a unit of luminous intensity.

Unit of radiation?

The candela (Cd) is the SI basic unit of luminous intensity, or light radiation.

What is l.m unit?

Probable you think to "lm", the symbol of lumen.Lumen is the unit of the luminous intensity.

What is the base unit for the metric system?

The base unit for length in the metric system is the meter. The base unit for mass in the metric system is the kilogram. The base unit for time is the second. The base unit for temperature is the Kelvin. The base unit for electrical current is the ampere. The base unit for an amount of a substance is the mole. The base unit for luminous intensity is the Candela.All of the other units in the metric system are combinations of this one.

What is a 7 letter word where its third letter is n and has something to do with the metric system?

Candela, It's the base unit for luminous intensity; one of the seven base units of the metric system.

What do you infer a base unit is?

You do not infer a base unit: it is defined. In the SI system, the base units are:• metre : length• kilogram : mass• second : time• ampere : electric current• kelvin : thermodynamic temperature• mole : amount of substance• candela : luminous intensity.

Symbol Of Luminous Intensity?

Luminous intensity is measured in candela, the symbol is cd.

What is te SI base unit for luinous intensity?

Intensity is measured in Candela. Candela is its SI unit.

What is the measurement of light unit?

Candela (cd) is the unit of luminous intensity of a light source in a specific direction. It is also called candle.

Can you imagine a system of units in which time is not included?

no, but i sure as can imagine a system of base units in which "amount of substance", "thermodynamic temperature", and "luminous intensity" are not included (they can be derived from the base units) and one where electic charge replaces electric current as a base unit.

What are the 7 fundamental physical quantities?

Mass | Unit : Kilogram | Symbol : kg. Length | Unit : meter | Symbol : m. Time | Unit : second | Symbol : s. Temperature | Unit : kelvin | Symbol : °K. Amount | Unit : mole | Symbol : mol. Electric Current | Unit : ampere | Symbol : A. Luminous Intensity | Unit : candela | Symbol : cd.

What is the standard SI unit for measuring luminous intensity?

candela--------------------------------------------The official international definition of candela (1979) is:"The candela is the luminous intensity, in a given direction, of a source that emits monochromatic radiation of frequency 540 x 10e12 hertz and that has a radiant intensity in that direction of 1/683 watt per steradian".

What is the luminous intensity standard?


Is volume derived quantity. discuss?

With the base units of the SI system defined as at present, the relevant base unit is the unit of length (metre) and a volume is derived from it. However, it is mathematically (and conceptually) possible to define a unit of volume (litre) as a base unit and derive the unit for length from it.The current base units are those fordistance (metre)mass (kilogram)time (second)temperature (kelvin)amount of substance (mole)current (ampere)luminous intensity (candela)

Is luminous intensity a scalar or a vector?


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