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US Army personnel used the M14 service rifle up through at least 1969 in Basic Training (Boot Camp). However, during AIT (Advanced Individual Training) which immediately followed Basic Training, men scheduled for Vietnam were trained with the new "Jungle Rifle"...designated the M16. Men sceduled for Europe (Germany) retained the M14 service rifle. The M14 served as an infantrymen's rifle in Vietnam with US troops, from about 1965 until approximately 1967; by which time the M16 was nearly fully transitioned into the units. US Army (US Marines may have been different) riflemen utilized two canvas magazine pouches on their pistol belts. One on each side, each able to contain two all steel M14 magazine with a 20 round capacity. 5 magazines were normally carried by riflemen; four on the pistol belt within the two above described pouches, and one in the rifle. Nearly always...the M14 rifle was issued with a bayonet; it was considered part of the rifle (except at the rifle range). The M14's magazine was made of steel and only held 20 cartridges. Carrying more than those above described 5 magazines would have been a heavy load. The M16 used ALUMINUM magazines; seven of those could be carried in a bandolier with ease.

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Q: What is the basic combat load for an M-14 battle rifle during Vietnam?
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What was the air fighting unit for the us in ww1?

The Squadron was the basic unit for organization. During combat, a flight of 2 or 4 airplanes was the basic unit.

When did the first American Combat Troops arrive in Vietnam?

The term "combat troops" is confusing to civilians (and some military personnel too) because the term has been abused for so long. All US Army personnel are combat troops with specialized branches that specialize into specific combat jobs, formerly (which is why they used to go to BOOT CAMP; formerly known as Basic Combat Infantryman's Training) known as the combat arms branch: Armor (tanks), Artillery (cannons), and the Infantry (formerly fighting men/foot soldiers). During the late 1990 the US Army "may" have added other branches to that specialized combat arms system. Rumor control stated that the aviation branch was added to the combat arms system. The combat arms of the US Army are the conventional fighting branches of the US Army (or was during the Viet War days). US Combat troops, along with specialized troops were deployed to SOUTH Vietnam in 1955. CONVENTIONAL forces (those combat arms men previously discussed above were deployed in 1965).

What is the major occupation in Vietnam?

The basic military force of the United States of America is the United States Army. The US Marines are part of the Navy. The US Coast Guard was part of the Department of Transportation, now is part of the Homeland Security. The US Air Force and US Navy are "strategic forces" able to conduct war 24-7 around the globe. The US Army CANNOT do that, they are a "tactical force" and depend upon the USAF & USN to transport them where ever they need to go, and provide protection while doing that! But, the Army is still our basic force, as we live on land, and the Army's jurisdiction is the land. During the Vietnam War, there were 3 branches of the US Army's COMBAT ARMS: The number one basic branch which all else supported was the Infantry. The other two were Armor & Artillery (Since Vietnam, the army has changed this arrangement). All other branches of the US Army (Engineers, aviation, transportation, ordnance, military police, administration, etc.) SUPPORTED THOSE THREE COMBAT ARMS! The mission of the Combat Arms Branches of Armor & Artillery was to SUPPORT the Infantry. During Vietnam, Korea, World War 2, World War 1, etc. without the Infantry, there was NO ARMY. The major occupation during the Vietnam War, was the US Army's Infantrymen.

How long was the training for a Vietnam war?

During the Viet War: A little over 8 weeks for boot camp (Basic Combat Infantryman Training) and 4 to 8 weeks of AIT (Advanced Individual Training for the man's typical MOS). A lot longer AIT for Medics and Military Intelligence personnel.

What was the basic mode of combat during the US Civil War?

A predominant mode of combat during the US Civil War was the infantry firefight at close range. This was usually the result of a point when the attacking army had overcome the first fear of the enemy's rifles or fieldworks and marched into contact.

What is a basic combat unit capable of maneuvering while conducting combat operations?


What is the basic issue that led to the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was part of the cold war.

Is there a Basic Combat School in Texas?

The only branch which has Basic Training in Texas is the Air Force, at Lackland Air Force Base. Some Army posts in Texas do Advanced Individual Training, but none do Basic Combat Training.

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Cooks like all people in the Australian Army are trained in basic combat. They are unlikely to go into combat as it is not their job function.

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Yes, Basic Combat Training and One Station Unit Training is active duty.

What year would you have been born in to serve combat duty in Viet Nam?

The US didn't have formal combat operations going on at the time, but had a presence in Vietnam since 1954. The first US soldier to die in Vietnam was killed in 1957. The current mandatory retirement age in the Army is 64 - I'm not sure what it was in 1954, but, someone born in 1890 could potentially have been in Vietnam with the US Army. The absolute latest someone could've been born and have seen service in Vietnam is 1957, although that is a bit unlikely - the end of the Vietnam War was in 1975, and someone born in 1957 would've been 18 at the time - before deploying, they'd have to go through Basic Training, AIT, getting assigned to their unit, pre-deployment readiness, etc. Seeing as the Vietnam War ended in April, that makes it extremely unlikely than an 18 year-old born in 1957 would've been sent to Vietnam... 1956 is a bit more possible.

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BCT (Basic Combat Training), also referred to as Basic Training or Boot Camp, last for nine weeks.After basic you will move on to job training/AIT (advanced individual training)

What foot infections did soldiers in Vietnam suffer from?

One foot infection that soldiers in Vietnam suffered from was an infection called trench foot. Also, many soldiers in Vietnam suffered from basic fungal infections on their feet.

How do you use the shovel in battle field Vietnam?

During the Viet War the US Army shovel (not the shovel that was part of the pioneer kit (BII-Basic Issue Items) issued to tracks (armored vehicles) but the infantrymen's shovel...was officially called an "E" tool (Entrenching Tool). Guess what "entrenching" means; yes, digging trenches (fox holes, bunkers, fighting positions, etc.).

How did the draft process work during the Vietnam war?

All able bodied (healthy) US males had to register for the draft (conscription). Registration was required before the Vietnam War. Once a man reported, he was examined by military medical personnel, mentally tested (written test), and then put on a chartered bus to the nearest US Army Fort to commence Basic Combat Infantryman Training, nicknamed boot camp. His obligation to the United States government was two years of active duty and four years of reserve. Today, it's an eight-year obligation, if needed, via registration.

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Being that the US Army is a land based combat element there is no need for swimming in Basic Combat Training, with the Marines they have to go through swim training mainly in part because they are Department of the Navy and they can be stationed on a ship with there counterparts in the Navy.

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During World War 2, the colonies of the Western Countries had a lot of the citizens drafted into the army. Adults were quickly taught basic combat strategy and shipped to the battlefront.

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A good combat video for training soldiers is Go Army. It enables a civilian to be a soldier in ten weeks. Civilians can get Basic Combat Training (BCT). One can also watch some Youtube videos about this.

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