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Q: What is the basic criteria of insurance being primary in the case of two or more insurance policies?
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Is theft covered in most auto insurance policies?

Theft will be covered by most auto insurance policies as long as you have full coverage insurance. It will not be covered if you only have liability or basic coverage.

What is the definition of primary coverage in regard to automobile insurance?

Basic coverage.

Do some insurance policies include emergency roadside service?

Many insurance policies offer Emergency Roadside Service as an optional coverage. It is not a basic coverage that comes with all insurance policies. It is often something that you have to specifically request and pay extra for.

What are the three basic standardized homeowners policies in Texas?

HO-1, HO-2, and HO-3 policies are the primary standard homeowners policies in all states.

Is flood insurance included in basic homeowners insurance?

Homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage. You will need a Flood Insurance policy and to get one you will have to apply and wait 30 days.

Are insurance policies that cover perils such as fire storm theft and vandalism?

Most basic home insurance policies cover the perils of fire, storm, theft, and vandalism. You can get better policies also that cover many more perils, such a water, collapse, vehicle, etc.

What type of life insurance policies are carried by Aetna?

Aetna offers several different types of life insurance policies which would include, basic, supplemental, dependent and accidental death. There is also supplemental accidental death and supplemental dependent life insurance to choose from.

Why is a private pleasure boat insurance considered as a high risk insurance instead of as a consumer insurance in Spain?

Check out a Company Called UMU they have a Boat Insurance Basic page that answers some great questions about the the insurance policies.

What type of coverage does UMR Insurance offer?

United Medical Resources Insurance offers basic health care policies designed for the individual or small companies and corporations. Particular policies will vary from person to person or employer to employer.

What is the basic purpose of insurance?

What is the basic purpose of insurance

Do insurance policies typically cover Basic Hospital Expense Insurance Coverage?

Yes, generally they do. Of course, there are many kinds of insurance policies. If you are unclear what your policy covers, check the certificate of coverage document or contact customer service on the back of your ID card, If your insurance is a PPO, POS or HMO ,it is extremely important to stay "in network."

What types of insurance does nationwide offer?

"Nationwide offers the basic types of insurance. They have life, auto, home, etc. The more you bundle different policies together, the more money wou will save."

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