What is the basic principle of Generator excitation?

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The basic principle of generator excitation is that once the gasket of tie generator is being checked, the generator excits as if the block is not inserted. By egbebu emmanuel
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What are the basic principles of electricity?

Firstly, Electricity is the movement of electrons (Or positive "holes") Some basic principles of electricity: -Opposite electrical charges always attract each other, and Like electrical charges always repel. -An INSULATOR is any material that inhibits (stops) the flow of electrons (elect ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of the steam turbine that can be used to drive generator to produce electricity?

A gas turbine extracts energy from a flow of hot gas produced by combustion of gas or fuel oil in a stream of compressed air. It has an upstream air compressor (radial or axial flow ) mechanically coupled to a downstream turbine and a combustion chamber in between. "Gas turbine" may also refe ( Full Answer )

How does a generator exciter work?

Exciter controls the magnetic field in the generator system and controls the output voltage and/or current.

What if the generator loss excitation?

A loss of excitation will cause the generator to start drawing more and more reactive power over time. Over the first few seconds, and until about thirty seconds after the LOE (depending on the load on the generator before the loss of excitation occurred), active power will stay relatively constant, ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of compressor?

Air compressors collect and store air in a pressurized tank, and use pistons and valves to achieve the appropriate pressure levels within an air storage tank that is attached to the motorized unit. There are a few different types of piston compressors that can deliver even air pressures to the user. ( Full Answer )

Principle of generator?

Electromagnetic induction is the principle of generator. This mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

What is the basic principle of impedance?

Scroll down to related links and look at "Interconnection of two units" and find the impedance picture of amplifier and loudspeaker or microphone and amplifier.. Learn about "voltage bridging" - Zout < Zin.

What is basic principle of hplc?

The separation behind HPLC is based on the polarity of the compounds. {Polarity refers to : the greater the difference in electron affinity i.e. electronegativity between atoms in a covalent bond, the more polar the bond.partial negative charges are found on the most electronegative atoms, the oth ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principles in report writing?

Objectivity, analysis, and research are among the basic principlesin report writing. In order to have an effective report, you musthave a thesis, a body, and a conclusion.

What are the basic principles of accounting?

The basic accounting principles is that the accounting transactionsshould be recorded in the accounting periods Second importantprinciple is record all the expenses and liabilities as soon asthey occur.

What are the basic principles of management?

The basic priniciples of Management are : Planning Organizing Leading Controlling The basic priniciples of Management are : Planning Organizing Leading Controlling

Generator excitation voltage?

the voltage which is given for creating magnetic field in a generator is known as excitation voltage.

What is a basic principle?

Basic principles are ideologies that guide a school of thought or for that matter an entire institution.These are laid down by thinkers or the heads of an institution.It can be called a charter that helps anything to work with the help of the bylaws that are set.

What basic working principle of AC generator?

The basic principle of ac generator is electromagnetic induction when a coil of a conductor moves in a magnetic field the electrons in it starts moving because of attraction and repulsion of magnetic field. Thus, an emf is induced in it.

What function does exciter does in generator?

its creates the magnetic field trough the electricity,which we called exciter for it.we send some electric shocks to the field coils,then it will magnetized the stater of the generator. When Diesel or petrol engine rotates the rotter of the generator, EXCITED stater act as a magnet. Depend on altern ( Full Answer )

How generator exciter works?

Generator Exciter is a new way for people to generate serial keys for pirated software for various companies. This is well known as something called a "keygen".

What is the principle of a generator?

The scientific principle on which generators operate was discovered almost simultaneously in about 1831 by the English chemist and physicist, Michael Faraday , and the American physicist, Joseph Henry. Imagine that a coil of wire is placed within a magnetic field, with the ends of the coil attach ( Full Answer )

What is loss of excitation in generators?

Loss of excitatation in generator means the supply to the field winding of the generator is removed. In this case, the generator will start to work as motor if it is connected to the grid.

Generator how it excite its self?

A generator excites it self due to a high power thyristors feedingto a rotor through slip rings. Once excited it lessons maintenanceand operational requirements.

What is a exciter generator?

It's part of a larger generator that uses field windings (typically on the rotor or spinning part of the generator) instead of permanent magnets to create an electromagnet. The exciter generator provides the power to the field windings. It often is attached to the same shaft as the larger generator. ( Full Answer )

Which is basic principle of marxism?

Marxism is based on three key principles 1) materialist interpretation of history - discusses how history isa product of struggles between the social classes 2) critique of capitalism: an economic minority (bourgeoisie)control and manipulate the economic majority (working class) 3) adovcacy of pr ( Full Answer )

What is a separately excited DC generator?

A separately-excited dc generator is a dc generator whose field magnet winding current is supplied by an external dc voltage source. For comparison, a self-excited dc generator is a dc generator whose field magnet winding is supplied by current from the output of the generator itself.

What are the principle of basic cooking?

•Cooking can be defined as the transfer of energy from a heat source to a food. •Energy alters the food's molecular structure, changes its texture, flavor, aroma, and appearance. •When food is cooked, the process destroys microorganisms and makes food easier to ingest and digest.

What is separately-excited generator?

in a separately excited generator the field coils are excited from a separate source like a dc battery may be or any other small generator. They are self starting generators.

What is the basic principle of quantum physics?

The basic principle of Quantum Physics is uncertainty. This is at the core of the Uncertainty Principle, Superposition of States, and Quantum Tunneling and Entanglement. Energy can occur only in discrete levels. This 'quantization' is determined by plank's constant 6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of microwave spectroscopy?

atoms vibrate at particular frequencies, depending on their energy. If the energy of a particular atom has a vibration frequency in the microwave domain then you can know it's energy by measuring it's frequency by, Energy = plank's constant (times) frequency => E=h*f In spectroscopy matter interac ( Full Answer )

Why is excitation necessary for synchronous generators?

generators work by rotating a magnetic field thru a wire shell or by rotating wire thru a stationary magnetic field (think of a small DC motor with magnets around the shell) since large generators dont have magnets in them (its not very efficent)you have to send a flowing current thru the rotating c ( Full Answer )

What are the basic principle of the Treaty of Ghent?

The Treaty of Ghent was signed in the city at the old Carthusian monastery of Meerhem on 24th December 1814 . The Treaty put a formal end to the state of war that had existed between Great Britain and the United States of America since 1812. The Treaty of Ghent was subsequently ratified by US P ( Full Answer )

What the function of exciter generator?

A Large electrical generator has a field winding which requires power from somewhere, so you often see a second smaller generator mounted on the genreator backshaft. This is the field generator, or exciter generator.

What is the basic principle of digital television?

Digital television is simply the process of broadcasting a digital signal, instead of an analog one. This results in better sound and picture quality, as well as increased coverage.

What are basic principle of a series circuit?

The same current passes through all the devices, and the sum of the potential differences across the devices is equal to the terminal potential difference across the power supply.

What is meant by excitation of a generation?

In a generator there should be residual magnetism to start the voltage production . However maintaining the voltage level is a little more complicated because of drift when loads are applied to the unit. to overcome some of the problems an exciter coil section produces a voltage at a know level. tha ( Full Answer )

What is the basic radio principle?

The basic radio principle is: -- Electromagnetic waves at a desired wavelength can be generated and radiated, easily, cheaply, and continuously. -- Information can be added to the electromagnetic waves, easily and cheaply. -- The electromagnetic waves can be detected, reliably, easily, an ( Full Answer )

What is basic principle of rader?

The basic principles of RADAR are . . . -- When radio waves encounter any change in the physical properties of the medium through which they're moving, some of their energy is reflected from the boundary. -- The part of the energy that reflects back in the direction from which it came can be detec ( Full Answer )

What is the excitation system in a generator used for?

The excitation system is used to control the excitation of the rotating field in the armature. By increasing the armature current, it in turn increases the magnetic flux in the armature coil. This has the effect of increasing the voltage output of the generator. By lowering the armature current this ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of wind mill?

The basic principle behind the wind mill is that the wind as an external force changes the static force to a kinetic force(from rest to motion).This kinetic energy rotates the wind mill blades which produces electricity.

How the induction generator excite?

induction motor is not self starting..it start with the use of dc motor. it couple with im. we 1st start dc motor.. it rotate the im.. when the im speed reaches 75% during excitation apply to it...now the im rotate full speed and cut the dc motor..

What is the basic principle of time base generator?

many digital electronics require some notion of time passing to operate. For example a time of day clock requires a signal of one second to update the time signal which is basically just a special counter. An oscilloscope needs some time reference to advance the trace across the X-axis of the screen ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of hydraulic press?

The basic principle of a hydraulic press is that the hydraulic oil pressure remains constant in an enclosed system, where, the area on which it acts, will generate a force equal to the area multiplied by the pressure (where, pressure is equal to force per unit area). This is well defined as per pas ( Full Answer )

What is the basic principle of thermometer?

The basic principle is measuring temperature through merucury liquid as the mercury expands quickly by heating process and contracts in cooling process.

What are the basic principles of healthy diet?

the best way for a healthy diet is eating negative calorie foods. these consist of fruit and vegetables. negative calorie foods are when a certain food is at low calorie but takes mor calories to digest than what they contain. exersizing at leat a half an hour along with the negative calorie foods ( Full Answer )

What are the general principles of generators and motors?

Generator principle : a current moving relative to a magnetic field will have a voltage induced into it. Motor principle : a current-carrying conductor within a magnetic field will experience a force that will try to push that conductor out of the field.

How does the exciter in the generator works?

A large alternator needs a DC supply to feed to the rotor windingsthrough slip-rings. If the supply comes from a DC generator on thesame shaft, that is the exciter.

What is the excitation of the generator?

The rotor must have a magnetic field in order to generator voltagein stator winding. The exciter circuit generates this DC filed inthe rotor.

What is the excitation of a generator?

Generator has a rotor and stator. To produce voltage on statorterminals, the rotor must have a magnetic field, while it rotates.This magnetic field is given by the excitation system mounted onthe rotor shaft itself.