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Doppler effect is the basic principle for the radar.

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Q: What is the basic principle of radar communication system?
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What is radar communication?

Radar communication is electronic communication without the use of wires. Radar communication can be between a ground terminal, like a cell tower, and a satellite. Or it can be between ground towers and also between two or more satellites.

What are the advantages of radar communication?

radar communication isfaster and has less attenuation(loss of signals).it is wireless so more preferred over other modes of communication

What are the advantages using 3D Radar over 2D Radar?

I need brief description of 2D Radar and 3D Radar. What is the principle of operation of a 3D Radar. Compare 2D Radar with 3D Radar Suminda

What is a palindrome for detection system using radar waves?


What are common applications of electronics?


In radar communication the pulse compression is done in Transmitter.?

No, it is done at the receiver.

Who has the best RADAR system?


What is the palindrome of location system?


Palindrome for location system?


What is the palindrome for Location system?

Accurate within 5 yards anywhere on earth

How do you use a Radar?

That depends on the particular radar system. A simple speed radar used by law enforcement can simply be held and pointed at a target to determine the speed of the target. A more complex system like an air traffic control radar system would have display consoles for the radar operator to view the data.

Uses for radio waves?

Radio. Or TV. Or radar. Or communication with far out aliens.

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