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What is the bearing of a pendulum?

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The bearing on a clock pendulum is usually two knife edges with a cross piece balanced upon it supporting the pendulum. Sometimes on cheaper clocks a very thin strip of springy steel is used.

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What are the parts of a pendulum?

There are three parts to a pendulum. The bearing, the bob, and the string or wire supportig it.

What is the difference between ideal and practical pendulum?

ideal pendulum has a large mass at the bottom that is a segment of a hollow sphere without thickness has a string with no mass no thermal expansion infinite strength has a bearing it the top with no friction practical pendulum is made from real materials

When a pendulum swing stops its energy is changed into what?

A pendulum will lose energy in two ways: 1. by friction with the air, 2. by friction in its supporting bearing. Both these energy losses will produce heat.

What determines whether a pendulum swings in a plane or describes a three-dimensional path?

A pendulum on a knife edge bearing may swing back and forth in a plane (relative to the Earth). A pendulum suspended from aneedle bearingmay swing in elliptical fashion on the surface of a sphere.For the movement to stay parallel to a plane which is fixed relative to the stars, the pendulum must have a needle bearing but no initial momentum perpendicular to that plane. However, the origin of that plane will follow the daily and yearly movements of its location on the Earth. Relative to the Earth, such a pendulum's path will appear to rotate once around every sidereal day (23 hours, 56 minutes, 4 seconds).

When a pendulum swings and is not continuously pushed it will stop because some of its energy was changed into what?

Thermal energy due to air resistance and bearing friction.

What is the difference between compound pendulum and simple pendulum?

Compound pendulum is a physical pendulum whereas a simple pendulum is ideal pendulum. The difference is that in simple pendulum centre of mass and centre of oscillation are at the same distance.

What does the pendulum symbolize in The Pit and Pendulum?

The pendulum symbolizes time.

Which swing more heavier pendulum or lighter pendulum?

the lighter pendulum

What is friction and how does it affect the swing of a pendulum?

Friction is just resistance to movement due to sliding surfaces or to air flow. For a pendulum it will be due to two things: one the resistance in its support bearing, the other to the air resistance of the pendulum itself. Thus energy is gradually lost and the pendulum will eventually come to rest unless it gets a little kick as required, this is supplied in an old clockwork mechanism by the spring which you wind up every week or whatever.

Why a compound pendulum is called equivalent simple pendulum?

An equivalent simple pendulum is of period equal to that of the corresponding compound pendulum.

How does the length of the pendulum effect the pendulum?

The longer the length of the pendulum, the longer the time taken for the pendulum to complete 1 oscillation.

What effect does shortening the length of the pendulum have on the period of the pendulum?

A shorter pendulum has a shorter period. A longer pendulum has a longer period.

What is flashing pendulum?

maybe it is a pendulum

What is a bifilar pendulum?

bifilar pendulum

What are the physical parameters in the investigation of a simple pendulum?

The physical parameters of a simple pendulum include (1) the length of the pendulum, (2) the mass of the pendulum bob, (3) the angular displacement through which the pendulum swings, and (4) the period of the pendulum (the time it takes for the pendulum to swing through one complete oscillation).

What is conclusion for simple pendulum?

Simple pendulum

How does the length of a pendulum affect the frequency?

A longer pendulum will have a smaller frequency than a shorter pendulum.

Frictionless pendulum is an example of?

Frictionlist pendulum is an example of the pendulum of a clock, a reversible process, free.

What is the torque acting on the pendulum of length L inclined at an angle?

The pendulum frequency is dependent upon the length of the pendulum. The torque is the turning force of the pendulum.

Which factor affects the period of the pendulum?

The period of a pendulum is affected by the angle created by the swing of the pendulum, the length of the attachment to the mass, and the weight of the mass on the end of the pendulum.

How would you use 'pendulum' in a sentence?

Caroline and Jarred asked Mrs.West about how a pendulum works.

What are difference between simple pendulum and compound pendulum?

A simple pendulum has one piece that swings. A complex pendulum has at least two swinging parts, attached end to end. A simple pendulum is extremely predictable, while a complex pendulum is virtually impossible to accurately predict.

What rhymes with pendulum?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word pendulum.

How can you increase the period of a pendulum?

Increase the length of the pendulum

What is a pendulum bob?

The bob is the weight on the end of the pendulum.

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