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The Ring of Fire

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Are there volcanoes or earthquake in Chile?

Yes. Chile has earthquakes and volcanoes.

Does the country Chile have volcanoes?

Yes the country Chile does have volcanoes

How many volcanoes are in Chile?

Many! Chile is the country with more active volcanoes in the world!

What are cool places to see in Chile?

Are there any volcanoes in Chile?

Places in the world with active volcanoes?

Hawaii, southern Alaska, northern California, Oregon and Washington, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Italy, eastern Africa, Iceland, Chile, and Peru all have active volcanoes.

Where is the llaima volcanoes location?


How many volcanoes have erupted in 2009?

so far (date march 10th) Limminia, Chile Redobout, Alaska kiluea, Hawaii and mauna loa have erupted.

How many active volcanoes in Chile?

about 30

What is the geography of Chile like?

Chile has volcanoes, forests, mountains, canyons, as we as bodies of water.

How many volcanoes would you find in Chile?


What country in South America has the most volcanoes?


What country has more volcanoes then anywhere in the world?


Where can you find active volcanoes in south America?


What is the distance from Alaska to Chile?

11.000 km

What natural disasters have occurred in Chile?

some natural disasters in Chile include volcanic eruptions due to the many volcanoes in Chile, and also Chile has very severe weather.

What spanish speaking country has over 40 volcanoes?


What ocean touches Alaska China and Chile?


Where did the 2 strongest earthquakes occur?

Chile and Alaska

How many miles from Chile to Alaska?

Over 7000.

Where are Lava Dome volcanoes located?

Lava domes can be found at a number of locations, and can emerge fairly quickly. They are most often found at subduction zones and can be found on stratovolcanoes. Volcanoes that have produced lava domes include Novarupta in Alaska, Mount St Helens in Washington, Chaitén in Chile, and Paluweh in Indonesia.

What are the Chile footballers called?

Chile Chickens

Is there Chile in Chile?

yes, but it is called Ají

What if people live in Chile what are they called?

People living in Chile are called Chileans.

What is Chile's geography like?

Chile has volcanoes, moutains, fjords, valleys, and a lengthy coastline.

Why do Chile and Japan have so many earthquakes and volcanoes?

Because they are on top of plate tectonics