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Crop rotation is a technique used by farmers to sustain the health of soil. Certain plants are more taxing on the soil so it is necessary to rotate which ones are planted.

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What was the benefit of crop rotation?

Pest control is the main benefit of crop rotation. If a farmer plants one type of crop and swaps it out when it starts to attract a certain type of bug it will be awhile before more are attracted to the new plant Crop rotation can also be used to replenish nutrients in the soil. For example, a crop that takes a lot of nitrogen can be planted one year, and the next year one that replenishes nitrogen can be planted.

Why is 4 field crop rotation better than 3 year crop rotation?

4 field crop rotation is better than 3 year crop rotation because it could get the job done faster

Does crop rotation lead to soil erosion?

No, The crop rotation is to avoide soil erosion.

What are advantages of crop rotation?

Crop rotation allows the soil to recover. Proper crop rotation will replace nutrients that are consumed by the previous crop. Planting the same crop year after year will deplete certain nutrients and make the soil unproductive.

Crop rotation inventor?

Middle Eastern farmers were the inventors of crop rotations. They were known to practice crop rotation as early as 6000 BC.

What are the ethical issues using crop rotation?

There isn't any really .. crop rotation is alright tbh :)

What is crop rotation and why do farmers practice crop rotation in the Midwest?

Crop rotation useful for increase the farmers income, soil fertility status and also used for minimize the insect and pest damage

Is crop uptake the same as crop rotation?

No. Crop uptake is the water and nutrients the plant moves from its roots up to its leaves, and crop rotation is changing which crop is grown in a given field from one crop cycle to the next.

Why are legumes desirable in crop rotation?

It allows crop rotation. Legumes put nitrogen back into the soil after it's been depleted by another crop.

Disadvantages of crop rotation?

A disadvantage of crop rotation is that it decreases the crop flexibility and the variety that is added into the mix will decrease. Another disadvantage is that there is a high initial investment, taking time to see the benefits of the rotation.

Why crop rotation?

to give soil a break from the same crop

How does crop rotation benefit soil?

It has too many benefits.It retains the fertility of the soil.In this process we get a variety of crops.It reduces the posibilities of desertification.

What is crop rotation and how do peanuts help it?

Crop rotation is planting different crops in different years. This prevents pulling out all the nutrients by a specific type of crop. Peanuts and other legumes help return nitrogen to the soil. Rotation improves the crop yields.

How important is crop rotation to cotton farmers?

Crop rotation was important to farmers because it helped them out by making it easier to crop in the winter from different land in another state.

What year did George Washington Carver invent crop rotation?

George Washington Carver did not invent crop rotation. It was in use long before he was born. However, he did advocate and teach crop rotation, as did a number of other people.

What has the author R W Carkner written?

R. W. Carkner has written: '1990 rotation crop budgets for northwest Washington' -- subject(s): Crop rotation, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Crop rotation

What was the significance of crop rotation?

When a crop is in the ground it releases nutrients which helps the next crop grow

When did crop rotation start?


English scientific farmer who devised the practice of crop rotation during the 1730s?

Charles Townshed introduced the Norfolk crop rotation.

An example of a crop plant disease?

an example of a crop plant disease is pathogens. They can be stoped by crop rotation.

How did the crop rotation system that developed in Britain during the agricultural revolution increase crop yields?

Crop rotation system developed in Britain during agricultural revolution increase crop yields by increasing nutrients in the soil.

What is a sentence for crop rotation?

To save soil nutrients farmers use crop rotation because different plants use different nutrients.

English farmer who devised the practice of crop rotation during the 1730's?

Charles Townshend invented the practice of crop rotation

Did Charles Townshend invent the crop rotation system?

yes, he invented the four-fold system of crop rotation but it had been tried in different forms centuries before. but then who invented it centuries ago not the four-fold system but crop rotation itself?

When was the crop rotation invented?

in the 2001's

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