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What is the benefits of parallel play in young children?


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November 19, 2010 7:08PM

among the stages of play the 1st stage is one where the child is playing by himself and if there is any other child around, may even stop playing. The THIRD stage is that of co-operative play, wherein, children play together. The SECOND stage is the parallel stage. It comes right in between solitary play and co-operative play. In this stage 2 children may play with the same toys, although doing their own different things. However, the fact that they are sharing the toys, room and space, indicates that they are learning to co-operate and share with others. Also, when one wants a toy the other has, with giudance, they may learn to ask each other for toys, increasing communication skills as well. Therefore, the main benefits of parallel play include learning new skills of co-operation, communication and sharing.