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polini would proberly be the best due to the fact you do not need the expensive ecu upgrade

if your not on a budget then go for the malossi kit both can be purchased here

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Can you put a air filter on a Aprillia SR50 Ditec 2001?

yes but it dosn't make the performance any better because it is already jetted. if you are wanting it to go faster stick a polini variator and a gear up kit in then you will be shiffting pretty quick.

Where were the drag racing scenes in Parenthood filmed?

Speed World in Bithlo, off Colonial (SR50)

What scooter brand has the fastest 50cc scooter?

Aprilia SR50, Piaggio Zip SP,Piaggio diesis,Piaggio NRG, Derbi Bullet, Derbi GP1, Kymco super 9, gilera runner, Yamaha aerox, Yamaha jog, Honda elite sr50,Honda Dio, Peugeot Speedfight, Peugeot Blaster, Peugeot Ludix....etc.. These are your quickest and fastest accelerating and top speed some will exceed 60mph derestricted. Some have more acceleration where as some have more topend.

How do you unlock stalker specialization in halo 4?

Complete Specialization Spartan IV at SR50 then go on the spartan hub, select Specializations and then choose Stalker. If you choose something else don't worry as it only takes 10 SRs to complete all the specializations after Spartan IV.

What are two new Indiana laws?

Two new laws that I know that are coming into effect in Indiana in July 2011 are Texting while driving, and all 25cc scooters or ATVs need to be plated and you need to be licensed to drive them? That's BS if you ask me, speaking of the ATV law. If you have a suspended licence you cant do the scooter thing. This is just another way to tax, ticket, and possibly arrested if you are suspended. I have an Aprilia sr50 that i bought recently for this purpose. I have a suspended licence and cant afford to get it back, so I'm waiting to see how that plays out? If you know any thing about this law please fill me in. Brian.

Who was the male actor who said lost another one to ditech in the old ditech commercials?

I believe it was = Ron Michaelson =

Where can one find information regarding Ditech refinance?

One can no longer apply to Ditech about refinancing as the company was merged with Ally Financial. The merge happened in February 2013. The Ditech website is now 'Coming Soon'.

What is the bhp of 70cc?

a 70cc engine has exactly 42 bhp

Who is the father of forestry?

ditech brandis

How many grams of protein in a 70cc scoop?

22 grams in one 70cc scoop.

What types of loans does Ditech offer?

The company Ditech mainly offers financial type loans and mortgages. In particular, they are a reputable source for getting a home financing loan from.

What type of company is ditech?

ditech is a refinancing company. it works with credit cards comapnies to help individuals re consolidate their creidt card debts and repayment plans for creditors.

What is the top speed of aprillia sr 50?

55 - 70

Who is that beautiful lady on the ditech commercial?

Anne Marie Howard

How fast does a 70cc dirt bike go?

A 70cc dirt bike will achieve a top speed of around 40mph

How fast is 70cc on a go kart?

First off, be more specific. What Mario kart? 2nd, I don't believe there is a 70cc.

How 70cc bike go faster?

The more rpms you go the faster it will go.Normally 70cc bikes are around 10,000 rpms

How many inches is a 70cc dirt bike?

70cc is equal to 4.27166209 Cubic Inches.

How fast will a aprillia rs 125 go?

108mph full power

Where is the governor Honda 70cc?

there was none

How many cc is 48cm3?


How many MPH are in 70cc?


What is needed to apply for a Ditech mortgage?

In order to apply for Ditech mortgage, the company will require the potential buyer to produce identification such as passport and driving license and also proof of their income to support the future mortgage payments.

What cc is a stihl 044 chainsaw?


How big is the rear tire tube on a baja 70cc dirt bike?

the rear tire tube on a 70cc baja dirt bike is 3.0-12