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What is the best Doctor Who forum on the web?

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2010-10-24 00:13:32

There are quiet a few forums and which is best suited to you

really is down to taste. The biggest forum is the old Outpost

Gallifrey which is know known as The Doctor Who Forum.

It is a huge board with thousands of members, some of them

well-known fans-turned-pros. (Their numbers have or currently

include Kate Orman, Jonathan Blum, Lance Parkin, Keith Topping and,

occasionally though not currently, Steven Moffat.) It is not for

all tastes and because of the high numbers it is easy to feel

swamped on there. All aspects of Doctor Who are covered on

this board.

Of the smaller boards there is the Digital Spy Doctor Who

board, which is probably the most balanced out of all of them.

It primarily looks at the New Series but there are enough Old

Series fans who post on there to illict conversation. has a number of communities devoted to Doctor

Who, including doctorwho.

For New Series haters, Russell and his continuation get a hard

time (to put it mildly) at The Leisure Hive, a very small

board that may come across as quite scary but is full of

interesting, intelligent conversations. The topics discussing

Russell and the New Series can go a bit over the top at times but

it is to be taken in context. If you like a good rant about the New

Series and aren't easily offended then visit here and take a look,

but be warned.

The Anorak Zone has a similar tone. Most posters are old

series fans but there are a good mixture of New Series lovers

sprinkled in the mix. is a very new forum that is currently

under development. While there aren't many users at the moment, its

worth checking it out.

I hope this is helpful but really it is mostly down to your own

personal tastes.

There is also new, very good, Doctor Who chat room on


This is a great site. Very new but still great.

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