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Q: What is the best Jim Morrison trivia?
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Who is James Morrison's father is it Jim Morrison?

James Morrison is Jim Morrison. Jim is short for James. So the lead singer of the band, The Doors, is Jim (birth name James) Morrison. Jim's dad's name was George Morrison, who died, in 1989.

Where was Jim Morrison from?

where is jim morrison of the doors from

What are Jim Morrison's parents names?

Jim Morrison was born to George Stephen Morrison and Clara Morrison.

Did Jim Morrison smoke cigarettes?

Jim Morrison did smoke cigarettes

What was Jim Morrison's IQ?

Jim Morrison's I.Q. was 149.

What is Jim Morrison's birth name?

Jim Morrison's birth name is James Douglas Morrison.

Who was Jim Morrison and what was he influenced by?

Jim Morrison was the lead singer of The Doors.

Where was Jim Morrison born?

Jim Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida.

Who is Jim Morrison's brother?

Jim Morrison did not have a brother.He was an only child

When was Jim Morrison born?

Jim Morrison was born on December 8, 1943.

What is Jim Morrison's birthday?

Jim Morrison was born on December 8, 1943.

When was The Jim Morrison Triptych created?

The Jim Morrison Triptych was created in 1971.

What is James Morrison to Jim Morrison?

They are the same person, his real name was James Douglas Morrison, However, he went by Jim.

Where is Jim Morrison baried?

Jim Morrison is burried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

How many times was Jim Morrison arrested?

Jim Morrison was arrested 69 times

Is john Morrison and Jim Morrison related?


Is john Morrison the son of Jim Morrison?


Are jim Morrison and john Morrison brothers?


Did Jim Morrison have a tattoo?


When did Jim Morrison die?

Jim Morrison died on July 3, 1971 in Paris, France.

Where did Jim Morrison grow up?

Jim Morrison grew up in Florida, Virginia, and California.

What did Jim Morrison call himself?

Jim Morrison often called himself "The Lizard King"

When was Jim Morrison - ice hockey - born?

Jim Morrison - ice hockey - was born in 1931.

How old is Jim Morrison's dad?

George Stephen Morrison (Jim Morrison's father) died on November 17, 2008 (aged 89).

Are Jim Morrison and Adam Morrison related?