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What is the best acne product?

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2011-04-07 09:41:07

It is said that Pro Active Acne solution is the best you can

have for acne treatment. It does not only treat acne but promotes

general skin health as well.

Here is how it works:

1. Renewal - the purpose of the first part of the

treatment is for skin renewal. The cleanser is made up of medicated

cleanser with tiny crystals of benzoyl peroxide. It penetrates the

pores to come in contact with pimple-causing bacteria. Also, it

contains exfoliating beads that removes oil, dead skin, and


2. Revitalize - this is made from alcohol-free toner to

deeply cleanse the face and unclog pores of dirt and excess oil.

The toner also has skin whitening properties that help remove dark

spots and lighten the skin - producing a more even skin tone.

3. Repair - this is a moisturizing treatment you do as

the final step of your skincare regimen. The purpose of "repair" is

to bring back the skin's moisture after the first two phases.

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