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No matter what age children are it is hard for them when their parents divorce. Even if they are 50 years old. But if you and your husband are already thinking of getting a divorce then things must be pretty tough right now. Just be sure that when you do decide to get a divorce just let them know that it is not their fault.


Any age is appropriate, as long as you get out of there as soon as you possibly can.

A bit more:

If your husband is emotionally abusive to the kids or to you, you need to get out now. To remain in a marriage and subject the children to any form of abuse will cause far, far more damage to them from coming from a broken home. Actually, in this particular situation, I would consider it a "broken home" - I would consider it mending their home life.

Growing up with an abusive parent (verbally, emotionally, physically,etc.) can cause children many problems, both while young and after they are grown. It can result in them having very poor self-esteem, deep seated anger and resentment, etc., and it can also result in them possibly being emotionally abusive to their own children one day.

So please, for yourself and your children, leave your husband now. The longer you stay, the more damage he can cause to all of you.

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How do emotionally abusive fathers affect their sons?

The Father is the Sons role model. Father teaches the Son how to treat woman/men/children and how to be a man. If the Father is emotionally abusive, the Son will more than likely grow up to be an abuser aswell.

What are some advantages for children during divorce?

Although divorces are not at all easy , mainly for the children as they are torn between love for the father and love for the mothewr, the advantage for children mainly come when an abusive father has lost custody of the child to the mother, and the child has no fear any more.

How can your daughter who is sixteen get her own lawyer such that she can live with her mother who has NO custody and her father who has all custody He is emotionally abusive to her but no one be?

you get it for her.

Has Christina Aguilera had any problems in her life?

An abusive father and rough childhood, divorce from her husband.

If a father is emotionally abusive to a child is it better for the child not to be with his father at all?

Yes, the child should not be with their father. Unless the father is willing to go to couseling. Good luck and God Bless:)

Is there anything you can do legally if the father of your child is emotionally abusive to you?

Yes you can, you should complain to the police and then let them take the first action.

Did Bing Crosby abuse his children?

Three of his children have stated VERY publicly that Bing was a physically and emotionally abusive father, one admits to the use of corporal punishment but denies it was abusive. Hard to say: some people exaggerate their stories in order to get publicity, and some abuse victims deny their victimhood. You can take your pick.

How can you get your children to the UK from their abusive father?

You will need a lawyer to try and get you full custody of your children and your lawyer will have to prove your husband is abusive to his children. If you presently have duel custody of your children and you take the children to the UK you could be charged with kidnapping.

Who did children belong to in ancient rome?

In ancient Rome children belonged to their father. In the case of a divorce, the children lived and were raised by their father.

Is it normal for a child of a verbally abusive father to grow up with the mentality of Honesty Is Not Always If Ever The Best Policy when dealing with authority figures other than his abusive father?

Yes, it is normal with some children who grow up with a verbally abusive father to think that honesty is not always if ever the best police when dealing with authority figures other than his own father because a verbally abusive father has life twisted around in his own mind. A child that is either verbally or physically abused by their father will most likely try to please that father more so than the father. However, there are other children who grow up with verbally abusive fathers who make an extreme effort to be the opposite of their father and when those grown children have children of their own they make sure their children will not have to go through the same thing they went through.

If you have a verbally abusive step-father how do you get him taken out of the household and not the children?

Call the police station and speak to an officer about it. If the step-father is threatening the children he can be removed and not the children.

Your husbands ex is verbally abusive to the kids How do you help them when they visit you?

Keep them away from the father and make an agreement with him not to be verbally abusive to your children

If a father gave full custody of the children to the mother on their divorce papers what right does the father still have to see his children or share custody?

You have the visitation rights that were established in the divorce, and you have no custody rights.

How do you heal from an emotionally abusive father?

Talk to someone, get your feelings out. Things feel so much better when you tell someone, hopefully someone you trust.

How would a minor go about getting legally separated from an emotionally abusive mother in a case where the father would be willing to care for the minor?

run away.

You are 6 months pregnant with your abusive boyfriend's twin boys these will be your first children together you both have no outside children should you stay with him?

Not if he is abusive...physically, mentally, or emotionally. Those boys will eventually get the same treatment from him as you do, he can be the father...but that doesn't mean you can't raise them without him. Get out of that relationship before you or your unborn children are hurt. And if you can't see yourself without least try. It never hurts to try, especially if he is already hurting you.

Can a father lose custody of his children if there is proof that he has a girlfriend before his divorce is final?

It's not likely, as custodial and visitation issues are based upon the welfare of the child or children. If the child or children are not placed in a dangerous, neglectful or abusive situation or are emotionally traumatized due to presence of another person, then it will not be relevant to the court. Any of the noted problems would be based on the evaluation of a trained professional (psychologist, social worker, medical doctor,etc.) not on the testimony of the other parent or other involved persons.

What is a step father?

A non-biological "father"; essentially, when a woman remarries after her husband's death/divorce, her new spouse is a step father to her children.

Can a Florida court force a 13 year old to visit his emotionally abusive father?

If the 13 year old tells the court what is going on i think the will take favor in the child

Can your 13 year old be forced to visit with emotionally abusive estranged father in New York?

In real life: no. For a work of fiction: yes, but only to cause conflict which has to be resolved.

If you are in the middle of a divorce can you move out of state if the father of the children was abusive to one of the children?

No. The court has jurisdiction over your case and over your children. You cannot remove them from the jurisdiction without the court's permission. You need to bring the situation to the attention of the court so it can investigate and modify the custody/visitation orders, if necessary. If you move the court will impose sanctions on you.

What is the law on having children with your ex-husband and living with a man who is not their father?

There is no current law prohibiting you from living with a man who is not the father of your children. If you marry him, he becomes their stepfather.This in no way changes the relationship between the father and the children, he is not their ex-father he is only the ex husband. You may need to remind him of this, if he is worried about his relationship with his children. Unless he is abusive, the children need to see their father and continue the bond with him.

Were Adolf Hitler's parents abusive?

Hitler's father was abusive, but not his mother.

When a father makes his son cry just by picking on him is that abuse?

yes i think that it is abusive to the kid emotionally and mentally because it gets on the kids nerves and over time it will effect the kid.

Was kimberly anyadike's father abusive?