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What is the best basketball attempt you can take on the basketball court?

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1) A free throw. 2) Dunk 3) short distance jumper 4) outside jumper 5) unimpeded 3 point shot.

2005-04-04 16:15:15
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How many players take the court for each team at the Basketball gameg?

Five players take the court for each team when they take the court in basketball.

How do you make a mini basketball court?

You take some paper or cardboard then you paint it to make it like a basketball court.

What is the minimum ceiling height of an indoor basketball court?

The rim is at 10'-0" and you must take into consideration a player attempting a last second shot from the other end of the court. There will be quite a bit of arc on that attempt.

How many rolls of toilet paper would take to fill a basketball court?

How many rolls of toilet paper would it take to fill a basketball court?

what are the advantages and disadvantages of constructing a basketball court?

An advantage is that you get to play basketball A disadvantage is that it might take so much time an time but trust me its worth it

When would a basketball player attempt a half court shot?

A basketball player typically attempts a half court shot towards the end of a quarter, when a player only has a few moments to either take or shot or let the clock run down to the end. Often a player cannot travel more than half the distance up the court, so must take a shot from half court because the clock is running down, and play will stop.

How long does it take to convert a basketball court to a hockey rink?

Long time

How is the height of a basketball player related to dribbling the basketball?

The taller the basketball player the longer it will take for the ball to hit the floor. The stronger he is though, will help the ball not take as long to hit the floor or court.

How many players take the court for each team at the beginning of the basketball game?


How many players take the court for each team has the beginning of a game of basketball?


Can a motion to dismiss be used in small claims court as an answer?

You can attempt it, but you would have to have a good legal reason why you are asking the court to take this action.

What psi measurements do you need to make a basketball bounce the same on an indoor basketball court and on an outdoor court?

pressure would always change due to temp, so u gotta take that into account.

How much to layout the lines and paint a basketball court?

that would take 40 minutes and 6 hours.

What is the differences between basketball and netball?

The difference between basketball and netball is that in basketball you can take more than 2 steps and dribble up the court, but in netball the most amount of steps you can take is 2 and you are put in certain positions. Another difference is that netball is played in thirds and basketball in halves.

Which best describes the battle of bulge?

A attempt to take France back for the allies.

Where will basketball take place in the Olympics?

In a court i think im 9 years old on June 21 2012

How many players take the court for each team at the begining of a basketball game?

5 players for each team.

How many players take the court for each team game for basketball?

10 players, 5 on each team.

What other factors should yo take into account to get results that apply to a real basketball court?

the results of the total

What does the phrase take it to the hoop mean?

This is a basketball slang. The hoop is the goal in the game, fastened on a board above the players' heads at either end of the basketball court. If you take something to the hoop, you are successful and drive whatever it is all the way to the goal.

Which best describes the D-Day invasions?

An attempt to take France back for the Allies

How many laps around an NBA basketball court in a mile?

NBA courts are 94´x 50´, making a lap around 288 lineal feet. A mile has 5,280 feet, it will take 18.3333 laps around a regulation NBA basketball court in order to complete a mile.

Who is the best collage basketball player?

Mixing the hobby of making collages and the sport of basketball is a very unique question. I would assume a basketball player at a liberal arts school would take the cake though.

Is Garrett a good basketball player?

Why he is the best. He could take on Blake Radey any day of the week.

How long does it take to get your Basketball degree?

There is no basketball degree.