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The most effective Birth Control method, although not practical is abstaining from having sex. The pill has the second highest success percentage for pregnancy prevention, as long as its taken everyday.

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Q: What is the best birth control method for preventing pregnancy?
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Why do you get a pregnancy test before receiving birth control?

Birth control works by preventing pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, birth control is of no use.

Are birth control pills 100 percent effective preventing pregnancy?

No. Nothing is 100% in preventing a pregnancy. At best they are around 99.9%.

What birth control methods offer a 90 percent or higher chance of preventing pregnancy?

The birth control pill, if used correctly, has over a 98% chance of preventing pregnancy. Other methods with high efficacy in preventing pregnancy include the Depo-Provera injection as well as birth control implants and IUDs. However, the most effective form of birth control is abstinence.

Is withdrawal an effective way of birth control?

No. Male pre-ejaculate can contain sperm and cause pregnancy. If you are concerned about preventing pregnancy I recommend you use other methods (birth control pills, condoms, etc) instead of the withdrawl method.

Is birth control pill is a 100 percent effective method of preventing pregnancy?

No method is 100% effective, but if you use condoms and birth control it would be like freaking baby Jesus miracle baby !! In other words almost impossible

What form of birth control is 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancy?

The only 100% effective way of preventing pregnancy is to avoid having sexual intercourse. No alternate form of birth control is completely reliable.

What is birth control method?

Different methods to prevent pregnancy.

Is birth control effective at preventing pregnancy?

it is effective to a point..but not always. you can still get pregnant using birth control. its a big preventor of pregnancy but its still possible to get pregnant.

What is the Spermicidal birth control method?

it's a foam or a gel that kills sperm on contact, thus preventing pregnancy...or atleast attempting to as it is not even 90% effective.

Do you have to take the birth control pill every day?

For the birth control pill to be effective in preventing pregnancy, you have to take it every day.

Is it safe to get a birth control shot?

The Depo shot has about a 99% chance of preventing pregnancy.

What is birth control?

Birth control, also called contraception, is any method used to prevent pregnancy. Most commonly when people refer to birth control, they are referring to a daily pill. This pill works prevent pregnancy through increasing estrogen and progestin levels, thereby preventing ovulation. Pregnancy occurs when sperm penetrates the released egg.

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