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Talk to your doctor about the benefits of DEPO PROVERA it is a shot you get once every three months, and you can go off it at any time. I was on Depo for four years, and it did take five months for me to have a period, but my doctor said I could get pregnant immediatly after stopping depo. I don't know if I really could have, bc I wasnt trying, but it is a good Birth Control. the birth control pill is also a good method to take because you can get pregnant soon after you stop taking it. Non-Hormonal IUD: Once its out, there is no longer a hostile environment for the sperm so in theory, you could conceive 5 mins after having it removed.

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Q: What is the best birth control method to practice so that when you go off it after three years you can conceive right away?
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What are a couple who practice the rhythm method of birth control called?

Many couples are using Natural Methods of Contraception including rhythm method.

Should you use birth control pills if you do not want to get pregnant and are using other methods of preventing pregnancy such as withdrawal method and a male condom?

Birth control pills are the most effective form of birth control. The withdrawal method does not work and if your practice that you will become pregnant. Thanks, JM

How long should you be on birth control?

You should be on birth control until you want to conceive or until you reach menopause.

Is it ok to be on birth control for 8 years?

Yes, there is no need to stop birth control after a certain amount of time or to "give your body a break," as long as you still don't want to conceive, and as long as the method is still medically appropriate for you.

How does Fluconazole 150 mg interact with birth control pills?

Fluconazole 150mg can reduce the efficiency of hormonal birth control pills. You should speak with you doctor to find out whether you should practice an alternate method of birth control.

Birth control patch or rhythm method?

The 'rhythm method' is not safe sex or effective as a birth control.

Does the withdrawal method work if sperm is spread on the outer vagina?

Is a very unreliable method of birth control if you could even call it that. If you practice this method there is a very good chance you will become pregnant. Please use a reliable method such as, birth control pill, or condoms. If you have questions about birth control methods you can talk with your health care provider, or check with planned parent hood. Thanks, JM

Is vaccine a useful method for birth control?

Birth control vaccines don't exist, but you can get birth control shots.

Can i change birth control method after my first depo shot?

Yes, you can change to a different method of birth control. You can have the copper IUD inserted at anytime, and can start a different hormonal method of birth control after ten weeks.

How safe is pull out when not on birth control?

The 'Pull-out Method' is not a good form of birth control.You are at risk of becoming pregnant if you continue to use (that method) of birth control.Condoms are the best option that we have.

What is the best method of birth control?

The only method of birth control which also prevents spreading any sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence.ANSWERSince abstinence is very unlikely to be a good method of birth control after one starts having sex - including married couples who don't want to conceive immediately or those who have had a child and aren't ready for another - the best thing for you to do is have a talk with your doctor or family planning counselor, about what method works best for your lifestyle.See information about different methods of BC at link.

Is nuvaring a barrier birth control?

No, NuvaRing is a combined hormonal birth control method.

You had a miscarriage in February and you have been off and on with your birth control pills and it has been about 2 months being off of birth control pills and you were wondering how long it is going?

How long it is going for what? Missing birth controls like you have will put you at risk of pregnancy. If your trying to conceive then stop taking birth control because this will harm the Foetus when you do conceive.

What if you been off birth control patch for 5 months?

If you've been off the birth control patch for five months, you no longer have protection against pregnancy. If you want to conceive, start taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid. If not, see about starting another method.

Is there a chance of getting pregnant when taking birth control?

No method of birth control is 100% effective.

Does birth control patch involve hormones?

Yes, the birth control patch is a hormonal method

Is birth control pill is the most common and most effective birth control method?


Is the birth patch an example of a barrier method of contraception?

No, the birth control patch is a hormonal method of contraception.

Artificial birth control method?


What is the fastest method of birth control?

The condom.

What is a behavioral method of birth control?


Which control methods can be temporary or permanent Which is a permanent method of birth control?


How long do you have to wait to get pregnant while using birth control?

Birth control is meant to prevent pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant, stop taking birth control. When you stop, you can try to conceive immediately. There is no medical need to wait.

How long should you be off birth control before trying to conceive?

Answer The recommendation is 3 months.

Does pull out method need to be used with Mirena?

No. If you are on birth control, you do not need to use the pull out method because the birth control should stop you from getting pregnant