What is the best brand of Freestyle BMX?

If your trying to get the lightest and best bike out there, your best bet is definitely building up your own bike.

Ex: The best bike that Eastern (Probably the best company for complete bikes) sells is the Eastern Ace of Spades or the Eastern Element. Now both of those range from $600-$1000 depending on the year. Their weight is at the least, 24lbs. and at the most 25lbs.

However, I built up my own bike just with random companys put together to make one awesome bike and it costed me $1200 to do that and I have a 21lbs. bike. That is lighter than any Complete (A complete is a bike made of parts of strictly one brand) in the world. Its a very good Customized. DO NOT GET A CUSTOMIZED BIKE (One you built yourself) MIXED UP WITH A CUSTOM BIKE (Custom is a company that sells bikes and sometimes people will end up buying a Custom bike when they go on eBay and search customized bike.

if your getting customized bike then build one of your own. helpfull hint: all s&m parts have lifetime warranties on them.

but your best complete is an Eastern Ace of Spades. (probably

No way man my friend has a bike for 800$ that weighs 17.6lbs.