What is the best brand of HDTV?

There really is no "best brand" of anything out there. People's tastes and needs vary so widely, which is why there are so many brands and models available of everything! The thing to do is go to your local "SUPER-DUPER STEREO AND TELEVISION WE'VE-GOT-IT-ALL OUTLET STORE" and test everything they've got. Remember that they usually badly adjust the cheaper sets (for obvious reasons!), so use your own hands-on policy and adjust them to your liking.

Once you find one you really can't live without, walk out of the store, go home and log onto eBay or your favorite auction site and see what they are going for there. No doubt you can find what you want at a price that you like.


** And it is important to note that while there are certain brands that excel in certain areas (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG for example) each brand and each HDTV technology (Plasma, LCD, LED) are designed for different room environments and different purposes whether it be watching broadcast tv, blu-ray, gaming or sports.

Try using an HDTV Finder like the one in the link below so that you can assured you find the right TV the first time around.