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i like interstate great battery's stay away from die hards and wal-mart ones though

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Q: What is the best car battery?
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Who makes the best car battery?

Bosch Battery

What is the best battery for a RC car?

Traxxas 7 cell battery

Is an interstate battery or deka batter?

how makes the best car battery

What is the best car battery available for sale?

The best car battery available for sale varies, but includes Kirkland Signature, EverStart, AC Delco, Duralast, DieHard, NAPA Car Battery, and Optima.

Can you boost an ATV battery from your car battery?

Technically yes best wishes

Where is the best place to buy a rechargeable battery online?

It doesn't matter, which make or model of Car you have, Batterybhai have batteries for almost all of them. Looking to Buy the best battery of your Car. Buy Car battery online at at the best prices and pay online or cash on delivery.

Will a 5 year old car battery need replacing?

Definitely, the life span of the best car battery is about 5 years.

What are best car battery brand?

Napa 84 series

What is the best car battery to use in the winter?

Any type of car battery that is long lasting such as Duralast can be very good for you and your car because it will save you money and energy.

What sort of car battery are best for tropical weather conditions?

Any good battery will work well.

What brand car battery is good?

The Interstate Batteries are probably the best.

What is the best type of car battery out there that I should buy?

From what I've reviewed Batteries from NAPA seem to be the best find for car batteries. Since heat and cold play a major factor on your car battery this company provides a battery that can handle season all year round which is a plus

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