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Yams are best grown in a cool climate, they grow best in the mountains as the air is fresh and the soil full of nutrients.

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Can yams grow in soil?

Yes yams can grow in soil

Do yams grow in Romania?

Yams are not known in Romania.

What is best climate to grow almonds?

The best climate to grow almonds is summer season.

Can yams grow in water?

Yes yams can grow in water because now i am comparing soil with water in my science project so I could say that yams can grow in water. of course they can.

What is the best climate to grow carrots?

The best climate to grow carrots in is a cool climate. This is the one they prefer. They grow well in loose soil and need plenty of water to thrive.

What climate does rice grow best in?

A warm wet and humid climate is best.

What is the best climate to grow nutmeg?

Nutmeg grows best in a tropical climate.

What climate do peas grow in?

the best climate to grow peas is in the end of spring and the begging of summer.

How does the climate have to be to grow marijuana?

A climate similar to Northern California. It is the best place to grow weed

Do yams grow underground?


What climate does parsnip grow best in?

A temperate climate. They like a winter.

Where do watermelon grow best?

in a wet climate

What is the best climate to grow fruits in?

The Heat

Where does a yam grow?

Yams grow in South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Are yams grown in California?

Doreva Produce Company and Nakashima Farms grow yams near Modesto, California

In what climate do Venus fly traps grow best?

warm and humid conditions are best but in any climate it will survive!

What climate do peanuts grow best in?

peanut grows best in warm climate and it needs rainfall throughout the year.

What vegetables grow in loam soil?


What is the best place for a tomato to grow?

It depends on the climate.

What is the best climate to grow figs?

sub tropic

Kumquats grow best in what climate?

Answer: In hot climates.

Why did they grow sugar cane in Hawaii?

Best climate

What climate is the best to grow green beans?


What climate do oak trees best grow in?


Are yams and butter nut squash the same things?

No, yams are not the same as butternut squash. A yam is something like a sweet potato. A butternut squash is a gourd. Yams grow below ground, butternut squash grow above ground.

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