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Depends upon what you enjoy doing and what your long term objective is. You want to study something that will reward you from within. For example if love bmx bicycles and like talking on a microphone it makes no sense to study to become a pediatrician just so that you can make more money, instead it makes sense to become an contest narrator. Many people spend years in school before they figure out that they studied something that they are not really interested in.

Answer Keeping in mind the current financial crisis, it might be a good idea to steer clear away from computer science, information systems and technology-based degrees for a while. Careers that are holding steady in today's market are chemical engineering, Economics and finance. Surprisingly, English and History majors have made good gains in the job market and the healthcare and education fields continue to grow irrespective.

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Q: What is the best college degree to get?
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Where can lawyers go to college that offer a bachelors degree?

The best place to go for a bachelors degree is Algonquin college for the best bet

What is the best college to go to for a criminal justice degree?

Your best option for a criminal justice degree is to select a reputable, accredited college or university that happens to have a criminal justice degree program.

What is the best college degree to get if you want to open a franchise?

A degree in business would be appropriate.

What college degree is best for becoming a stock trader?

I would recommend a masters degree.

What are the best colleges for a cop?

Any College that you can get a Criminal Justice Degree from or Law Enforcement Degree.

Do I need a college degree to become a registered dietitian?

Yes. You will need to obtain a college degree. The best major to choose is a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics.

Is there a degree course specific to counseling degree?

Yes, there is a specific degree course for a counseling degree. It is best to obtain a Ph.D. after going to college for a few years. If college is not suitable, you can take a course for 6 weeks.

What is the best college to get a computer network degree?

Too subjective a question to answer.

What is the best degree in college?

The degree that is in a field that you truly love, something that makes you happy to do. It is different for every person.

How do you make use of your college degree?

Well, the most obvious and best thing to do would be to find a career in which you have your degree in.

Did Michael Phelps get a college degree?

No, Michael Phelps did not get a college degree. However, he did go to college, but did not pursue the degree.

Which is a good reason for getting a college degree?

Over a lifetime, a college graduate typically earns much more than someone without a degree

Which college offers the best military degree?

I got my military degree at Charter Oak State College. It's a great school. Thomas Edison State college has a great military degree program. West Point or the Naval/Air force academy

What is a good online college to consider?

Ashford University is an excellent online college. The best way to find an online college is based on what type of degree you are pursuing. Look for colleges that offer that particular degree online.

Do you have to have a degree to become an LPN nurse?

Typically, it is not a college degree but diploma program. It is best taken through a college. Most prevalent schools that offer this program are community colleges.

How can I buy college degree?

What is the highest degree in college you can earn. The highest degree you can earn in college is a Doctorate. In order what are the levels of college degrees that you can find.

What is the best college to go to and earn your degree in criminal justice?

AnswerI believe that American InterContinental is one of the best colleges you should go to get a degree as a criminal justice lawyer.

Where is the best university in Ireland offering bachelor of music degree?

University College Cork

What is the best college to go to for a law degree?

Yale University followed by Harvard University

Do you have to get a college degree to become a wrestler?

No, this field does not require a college degree.

What kind of education is needed to be an architect?

college degree college degree

What college degree do you get when you graduate from a 4 year college?

A Bachelors degree.

What college can you get a bachelor's degree from?

You can get a bachelor's degree from a four-year college.

Bachelor's degree synonymous to college degree?

A bachelor's degree is a college degree from which many specific programs of study fall.

What is the best paying job you can get with a biology degree?

The best paying job you can get with a degree in biology is working as an biologist, a research technician for the government, or working as a biology teacher at the college level, for which you can get a master's degree or a PhD. in biology.