What is the best college to go to if you are going to be a doctor?

I assume you're asking about medical schools. Beginning with undergraduate education, most state universities and private colleges have the pre-requisites to apply for medical school. Factors that medical schools are looking for include: MCAT scores, extracurricular activities, undergraduate GPA (emphasis on science/math scores), race (African American, Native American, Hispanic), and finally on the "Interview" with the Med school commitee. Don't underestimate the interview. Going to a high profile college doesn't hurt (i.e. Ivy league, Stanford, etc.). Picking a medical school is another challenge. Being a resident in certain states is advantageous. This is because there is a lower applicant to acceptance ratio in these states. Look this up on the web. Apply to as many schools as you can afford is recommended. Apply to some less than well known schools is also recommended. So again, focus on your GPA and extracurricular activities during undergraduate studies. Going to a high profile college may enhance your appeal but may hurt your GPA (i.e. smarter kids to compete with). Going to a college that has a Medical school may help your chances if you become acquainted with the Med school staff. Having a familiar face on the Interview Committee is a bonus. Study hard!