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The best color to use to reflect light rays is white. White is a reflective color. So are most light colors. So white is the best color to use to reflect light rays. :)

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Q: What is the best color to use to reflect light rays?
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Why do you see lemons as yellow?

All objects reflect the color of light that you see. Thus; lemons reflect yellow light rays, limes reflect green ones, and Oranges reflect orange light rays. On a final note, white objects reflect all colored light waves, and black objects reflect none. With that said, the cones in your retina register these reflected light rays; thus, it makes sense that rooms without any light are black.

Type of light source that reflects light rays?

Light doesn't reflect light, nor does any other electromagnetic radiation.

Do X-rays refract or reflect light?

yes they do

Why does dark color clothes absorb more heat than light color clothes?

Dark colored clothes absorb more heat because the sun's rays can penetrate them. Light colored clothes are cooler because they actually reflect the heat of the sun's rays.

Do light rays reflect or refract when they hit a concave mirror?

refracts light waves

Does orange paper reflect light?

well,yes it does.As you know light has visible colors when it refract it's light,Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and violet. you can shortcut-ed as (ROYGBIV )in when you light a white light to any material so it absorbs another and reflect its's own nature color. for instance:when you light or rays white light to the orange paper so it will absorb another and reflect orange color.

What happens to most of the light rays that strike the convex lens?

The, light rays reflect depending on the curature of the concave.

Light rays reflecting off a smooth surface reflect?

This dick

What does each concave and convex lens cause light rays to do?


Do the light rays reflect in many directions on a rough surface?

No this is not true.

Do the light rays reflect in many directions or few on a rough surface?

They are reflected in many directions.

What is light rays obey the law of reflection which states that?

what is the parallel light rays reflect off each mirror below looks like with a ruler