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most condoms work the same but the most reliable ones are the name brand ones like "Trojan" the ones that feel the best are the ones with special kind of lube on them such as "fire and ice" or have ridges to give the girl more pleasure

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What are the best condoms-?

The best condoms are the Crown Skinless Skin Condoms. Coming in second are the Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms.

Best birth control?

Condoms Condoms

Are lubricated condoms best?

yes they are the best.

What is the best brand of condoms?


What is the best condoms to get?

lifestly lol

Are condoms the best protection?

Depends. There are other methods that are more reliable WRT pregnancy. But condoms are the best protection against STDs.

Are latex condoms best to prevent pregnancy?

Well latex condoms are good to prevent pregnancy for the most part but as opposed to latex or polyurethane condoms or animal skin condoms are all good but I recommend spermicidal lubricated condoms.

What condoms feel the best?

Trojans are usually considered the best.

Do all types of condoms offer protection against the transmission of HIV?

No. Latex condoms are the best choice.

What type of condom is best for protection from hiv?

Latex condoms (male) Polyurethane condoms (female condom)

What condoms are better?

kamasutra brand is the best!

What are the best and safest condoms?

Trojan Shared Pleasure

What type of condoms are the best?

Trojan brand condoms are the most reliable. Use their spermicidal lubricant types for increased protection.

Were do you get the best condoms? offers Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, Inspiral and Kimono - the top 5 condoms in America.

What is the best place to hide condoms?

Unscrew a deoderant stick, insert 2 condoms, re-screw on the deoderant stick.

What are some of the best condoms on the market?

There are numerous opinions as to the best condoms that are presently available on the market. Such quality condoms include: Crown Skinless Skin, Durex Extra Sensitive, Beyond Seven, Kimino Micro Thin, and Impulse Bare Pleasure.

What are the best condoms?

Everyone has a different preference on which condom is the best. The two major brands that I would recommend would be either Trojan or Durex. Both of these manufactuers have many different brands of condoms. Anything from smooth to ultra ribbed to condoms that have a good taste to them.

What condoms are best?

I think Trojan because they are the most popular.

What are the best condoms for preventing STDs?

Latex condoms are best for preventing STDs.

Are Trojan condoms the best condoms to protect against pregnancy?

I am not old enough to have sex, but my Sex ed classes have taught me a lot. So considering my research, yes. I am 89.0 % sure Trojan Condoms are the safest.

Which is the best topic for chemistry project of class 12?

uses of condoms

Can condoms prevent pregnancy?

Yes, condoms are one of the most used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. In addition to protecting against pregnancy, they can protect against sexually transmitted diseases.Condoms are absolutely the best way to prevent pregnancy.

What is flavored condoms?

condoms that taste like what they are. There's cherry condoms, and such.

Why would someone use condoms?

Someone would use condoms for a couple of reasons: - To prevent pregnancy - To prevent the transmission of an STD/STI to or from your partner Although condoms are recommended for use as a form of contraception, the best form of contraception is abstinence.

What brand of condoms have the best flavors that actually contain a good taste?