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German steel is commonly considered one of the best for knives because it holds it's edge and can be ground to a fine point. Global, Wusthoff, Heinckel (the high end line, not the Kohl's line), and Shun are commonly considered the best knives among professional cooks and chefs (and yes, there is difference in pro cooks and chefs. As was stated, you asked about best, not best value. You will pay a ton for these brands and several tons for Shun.

Lumping Shun (typical, hard steel Japanese knives) in the same group with much softer Henckels, Wusthofs and other German mainstream knives is misleading, and unfair, both to Shun, and readers. Transition from German knives to Shuns isn't always straightforward, Shuns are much more delicate and less tolerant to the abuse typical German steel can take. However, pure cutting performance and edge holding ability of Shuns and quality Japanese knives is levels above German knives.

German steel is popular, and for many users who do not want to spend time on maintaining their knives, and use one knife for everything, it might be the best choice, however, that has nothing to do with knife quality and its cutting performance, which is where German steel is severely lacking.

Umm, first, I didn't lump them. The question was, which are the best knives. These are. The first part of my answer was fact. The most common type of knife in high end kitchens are German steel and are typically Wusthoff or Henckels. AGAIN, no misleading. It is hyper critical to make your reply but that is typical among internet sites where people want to be as hyper critical so they can prove their intellectual prowess. German steel is lacking? HAHA. This is why most every professional chef uses them and Wusthoff and Henckel are the most commonly used? HAHAHA. When you make comments like that, you show how much you don't know. One knife for everything? HAHA. That is why Henckel's and Wusthoff make only one knife right? That is why if you walk into almost any professional kitchen right know, you will find a varying number of German steel knives for a wide variety of uses? Sounds to me like you are an intellectual and have never actually worked in a kitchen. Those of us who have know that German steel knives are of the highest level of quality. I stated that Shun are better but are VERY expensive and out of the reach of even most professional chefs. How about we stop reading books and actually work in a kitchen before we try to answer?

As for cookware, All Clad is a top line as is Calphalon but the reality is that cookware is more debatable than knives. Many of the new non sticks are getting better but a pro cook typically uses stainless steel because it will not alter flavor as you cook.

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Q: What is the best cookware and knives to buy?
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