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What is the best diesel truck on the market?

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any Ford diesel with the 7.3liter powerstroke
I've found that there is not a straight answer for this question, but, some things to think about; Duramax is found in different codes(lb7, lly, ect) the lly 6.6l is my pick it is found in the Chevy 2004.5-2005 it is a v8 and you can get more accesories for this truck and it gets the best milage compared to the other duramax models. i pulled 24mpg out of mine (highway no load) it's a crewcab shortbed. i did alot of research for a rough idle box for heating up in the wintertime. then i found out you can do it on the steering wheel controls it is under elevated idle turn it on and it will do a high idle if the temp is under 30 degrees F the gm service industry has really gone down hill that is something else to consider

the cummins is only a v6 but the have alot of power and i think the transmission is the only thing you have to worry about with a Dodge any dodge over 1500 has a gm 3/4 ton tranny in it (duramax has the Allison transmission very reliable unless you want to race) i preffer a manuall transmission.

powerstroke; my family is religious agaist ford but i don't hear alot of complaints from the motor or the transmission not even the truck itself i do believe my next truck will be a powerstroke

good luck on your deciscion

2015-11-10 08:53:52
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What is the best dually diesel pick up truck?

The best dually diesel pickup truck would be Chevy or GMC 3500 with Duramax and Allison transmission.

What is the best diesel pickup truck transmission?

The Allison 1000 which is mated with the Duramax diesel

What trucks are recommended for diesel truck pulls?

It depends where one looks but a frequently recommended truck for diesel truck pulls is the Ford diesel truck but does cost nearly $60,000. Also recommended are the GMC diesel truck and the Dodge diesel truck.

What is the best used diesel pickup truck?

Dodge. Straight up.

What is The Best Truck?

The best all around truck is the Ford Powerstroke, lots of power, handles good and has good gas milage for a diesel.

What is the best brand of oil for a diesel truck?

Amsoil synthetic oil seems to be your best bet for oil for your diesel truck. It helps to prevent oil from becoming foamy and it works in even very hot environments.

What diesel pickup truck gets the best gas mileage?

Considering that a diesel pickup truck can't use gas I would say that there aren't any diesel trucks that get good gas mileage. If you were wondering which diesel truck gets the highest miles per gallon then I would say you should look at the Dodge Cummins diesel.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a diesel truck?

The advantage of a diesel truck is that diesel burns more efficiently than regular gasoline. However, parts and service for a diesel truck are sometimes higher.

What is the gas mileage of a diesel truck?

The best way to find out the gas mileage on your diesel truck would be to go to the website. I don't know which year, make or model this particular truck is therefore the mileage would depend.

Use diesel in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.My car cannot use diesel gasoline.Her car is a diesel.The truck runs on diesel.There was a truck powered by a diesel engine.

What kind of HEET can be put in a diesel truck?

You can only use the fuel oil in the diesel truck.

What is a good brand to buy diesel trucks from?

Diesel trucks are sold from numerous companies, but the best company that you can purchase a diesel truck from would probably have to be Ford, due to their price.

What is best mileage for a three quarter ton diesel pickup truck?

The best mileage for a three quater ton diesel pickup truck is 15 mph. It will only change if you going on a stopping trip and you don't use a highway on a long trip.

How do you install alternator on 2000 Ford diesel truck?

how do you install alternator on 2000 Ford diesel truck

What is best way to calculate fuel mileage on a diesel truck?

miles/gallons in tank= milage

How many fuel injectors does a diesel truck have?

A diesel truck has as one fuel injector for each cylinder. So a v8 diesel has 8 injectors.

Correct antifreeze for 2006 dodge diesel truck?

correct antifreeze for 2006 dodge ram diesel truck

What are the advantages and disadvantages of diesel trucks compared with gasoline powered trucks?

An advantage of a diesel truck is that it will run cleanly in your truck, but a disadvantage is that diesel is expensive. So if you can afford a higher quality truck I say go for it.

Where is the oil pressure regulator on a ford f350 diesel truck?

where does the oil pressure regulator on a ford f350 diesel truck

Is diesel an adjective?

It can be. noun - Put some diesel in the truck! adjective - Our car has a diesel motor.

What are the benefits of buying a diesel pickup truck?

The best things about a diesel pickup truck are that you will not have to fill up the tank as ofter if you are driving a lot. Another advantage is that they have glow plugs and if you ever have a problem with starting you know where to check first.

What type of gas do you use in a disel pickup truck?

Typically, you put diesel gas into a diesel pickup truck, because regulation gas just isn't good enough for your environment ruining, gas guzzling truck. Diesel gas is absolutely necessary for your truck.

Is the Chevy Duramex a diesel truck?

The Chevy Duramex is considered a diesel truck. The duramex is a V8 diesel engine that has 397 Horse Power and 765 feet of torque. This truck is estimated to get 680 miles per tank of gas.

How do you find the best diesel car?

There are many top rated diesel vehicles on the market. Bio-diesels have now established a market over their conventional counterparts, including hybrids. is great place to make comparisons between the diesel classes of todays vehicles.

Can you run tractor trailor diesel fuel in your diesel pickup truck?

if it is dyed diesel then no it is agents the law