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a hairless dog or at least a chihuahua Unfortunately there is no dog that will be safe around your child because it's not the fur on the dog, but dog dander off their skin. For now I would not get a dog as hard as it is for your child. In time, many young people will out-grow Asthma. My husband had it as a child and it stopped when he reached puberty. If your child has a light case of asthma then discuss this prospect with your family doctor first.

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โˆ™ 2007-05-10 21:02:13
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Q: What is the best dog for a child with asthma but no allergies?
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Is a rabbit better than a dog for a child with asthma?

Animals have nothing to do with asthma. Allergies do.

What type of rodent is best for a child with allergies and asthma?

Well if your child has allergies you really shouldn't have a pet of any kind because it will only make it worse i know because my dad has allergies and we had a dog and he did do well around him.

Is a maltise puppybad for a child with asthma?

They are concidered the perfect dog for people with allergies, and if groomed and brushed regularly, people with severe asthma too.

Can you have a Jack Russell dog if you have asthma?

Dog hair really don't affect asthma. They more affect allergies to dander. But if you do have allergies to dander, and want a Jack Russell, long-hairs are best as they shed less.

Can a dog cause a baby to have asthma?

yes because babies have allergies as well

What is the best dog for a mom with asthma?

The best dog for a mom with asthma would be a Golden Retreiver.

Does dog hair trigger asthma?

Yes, if you have allergies to animal dander. People with asthma usually have strong reactions to anything they are allergic to.

What is the worst dog for a child with asthma?


Do chihuahuas affect allergies or asthma?

Yes! They do! It is a miricle! Yes. Not in the way you think. If you are allergic to dogs, getting a chihuahua will make your allergies and your ASTHMA WORSE. This is a myth that they take away asthma. Be sure to have yourself tested for allergies first. If you are not allergic to dog dander, then you will be fine and have a cute active pet.

Is a weiner dog a good pet for some one with asthma and allergies?

yes,but it depends what your allergic to

Is a chihuahua the best dog for a child with asthma?

It really depends on what the child is allergic to (what causes his/her symptoms). If the child's asthma is triggered by animal hair, it might not be the best idea. But if he/she isn't... well, then it might be okay. You still want to check if the child is allergic to dogs.

Are corgi's bad for asthma?

actually they are hypoallergenic which is good for people with dog allergies/asthma. I know from personal experience. My brother and mom have severe asthma and we used to have two corgis and they were fine with them.

Are Yorkie puppies bad for kids with asthma?

i would suggest a shih tzu as a dog for a child because they don't shed but unless your child is allergic to dogs it shouldn't effect Yorkshire terriers are bad around children, period. They are overly needy, aggressive, and nearly impossible to completely housetrain. Get a golden retriever or another actual dog. Yorkies have not earned that title. As someone with asthma, and children with asthma, I do NOT suggest a shihtzu; my grandmother has one, and it actually does bother my asthma and allergies. Our YORKIE is great with our kids and all of our friend's kids...he LOVES to play (nicely) with them and has never gotten aggressive with them. His hair doesn't bother any of our allergies or asthma...he's PERFECT!!

What is the best dog for adults with asthma?

Asthma is often caused by allergic reactions. If you were to get a "hypo-allergenic" dog, or one that has hair, not fur, it will lessen allergic reactions, as most who are allergic to dogs, are actually allergic to their dander. I do know that Yorkshire Terriers are one such breed, for I have one due to my allergies.

Can you get sick from dog urine?

If you have allergies or asthma yes. Just like cat urine dog urine is high in ammonia and can cause breathing problems.

Is a labrador suitable for a child with asthma?

I wouldn't recommend a lab for a child who has asthma only because labs shed a lot. I have a cousin who has bad asthma and he cannot be around my labrador. I would recommend a dog that won't shed such as a Bernese Mountain dog. They do not shed and the oils on their skin will not affect someone with asthma.

Can a dog get asthma from a human.?

Asthma is not contagious to humans or animals.but dog can have AsthmaANSWERIf both human and animal in the same house have asthma, I would start looking for a trigger for both of you. It sounds more environmental or quite the coincidence.Asthma is not a communicable disease in humans or animals. However dogs can develop asthma at any age similar to humans. If you think your dog is suffering from asthma it would be wise to take them to your vet to be checked out to see if it is asthma or possibly allergies. Either way these are both treatable conditions. Hope this helps!

Are Jack Russells bad for asthma sufferers?

Most Asthma suffers are also diagnosed with allergies. If your Asthma is allergy related you should have been tested to find out the allergens you are sensitive to. Some common allergy related Asthma triggers are animal dander. If you are not sure what your trigger point/s are or have not been tested, it is best to speck to your doctor about this. If you have been tested for allergies and had a negative result to animal allergens, then there should be no problem in having a dog. There are Asthma-friendly stuffed dogs on the market if you are allergic to animal dander.

Can dogs especially yorkies affect asthma in children?

Recent research has shown that children raised with a dog in the home have a lower instance of asthma when they get older. These children also have fewer allergies.

You are looking for dog food for a dog with allergies and seizures?

Your best bet will be to ask your vet.

Which dog breed would be the best to buy if you suffer with asthma and allergies?

The poodle breed are wonderful for people with asthma because they are hypoallergenic, no shedding at all and they do not have any odor except maybe after they have been running in the back yard but it goes away soon and he smells good again.

Can a dog eat rice if he has allergies?

If your dog has rice allergies then no.

Can dog fur really cause asthma?

No. Dog fur can not cause asthma, but many people with asthma are sensitive to dog fir.

What is the best shampoo for a dog with allergies?

There are many pet shampoos that treat allergies. You should ask your vet what the best allergy shampoo is to treat your pet's allergy.

Is the hair of your dog harmful for your kids?

Dog hair is not harmful to any child unless child has extreme allergies. Being around animals consistently will not only inhibit any future allergies, but it also teaches children how to be responsible and, more importantly, teaches them how to love.