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i would suggest a dalmatian if you are loving, affectionate, caring,active and good tempered. they are by far the best dog breed but you may also want to consider a golden retreiver or if you would like smaller breeds you should go for jack Russel terrier or the medium sized German shepherd or border collie.

Not all dogs act the same way, even if they are the same breed. I would say to look into the Toy Group, Non-Sporting Group, and Terrier Group. If you active,as you say, a good breed to look into are Jack Russell Terriers.

AnswerIf you are looking for a bigger dog that would be as active as you go for a Lab, Golden Retreiver, or Labradoodle I know these dogs love to run and play and swim and they have a lot of energy!!

I would suggest a BOXER DOG because they are very very active and loving and caring and they love to play and run around!

Ok, for a smaller breed I suggest a Jack Russell Terrier ( I believe they are now called Parson Russell Terriers?? I don't truly know) but I own a Chihuahua Jack Russell mix and he can be outside for hours and I might get tired but he seems to have boundless energy. A larger breed that I know is very great and has a lot of energy is the Vizsla they are very active dogs and are very good as long as you give it enough excerise. But I think a Jack Russell is best because as you said you're in an apartment.

i would suggest a cavoodle because they can be active, and sometimes the dog could be quiet, and just reat. my cavoodle dixie is a very good dog. she will go for a run with u, and she will also sleep on the end of your bed. cavoodles don't need that much execise and are fine on their own ( as long as they are toilet trained ).

Answer:If you live in an apartment but you still want an energetic type dog, I'd say adopt a

-larger Chihuahua (Chihuahuas are supposed to be small but there are many out there that are slightly over-size. If you want a good companion and not a show dog they are great dogs to have.)

-Westie... Happy, curious and somewhat stubborn. If you have lots of time to train them they're great dogs. You should also note that a regular groom is necissary.

-Italian Greyhound... love to run & Chase... Are gentle, sensitive, devoted little dogs, are often times reserved with strangers but demonstrative with their family :)

-Toy Poodle... Pert & peppy, Very easy to train, are alert, playful, lively, sensitive, and eager to please. They are a good dog breed (unfortunately I've neve had the pleasure of one owning me) Only they also need a regular groom.

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Q: What is the best dog for an apartment with active owners?
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Is one small dog legal in all California apartments by law?

No. It depends on the apartment. There is no law here that states you can have a dog. Some apartment owners allow animals , but others don't. Some charge a fee for having a pet and others don't. So, it is apartment by apartment.

Is the Chinese Crested Dog a good apartment dog?

Yes, the Chinese Crested Dog is a good apartment dog. They can also live in a house without a yard. However, these dogs are fairly active indoors and they should be taken out for a walk each day.

Is the Belgian Shepherd Dog a good pet for lazy owners?

No! They are big and active.

Is the Bearded Collie a good apartment dog?

The Bearded Collie is generally not a good apartment dog. It will do best with a yard which is at least average-sized. The Bearded Collie prefers to be outdoors and it can sleep outside. This breed of dog is active and it requires a lot of exercise. It should be taken out for a long daily walk and it enjoys running free in a safe area.

What is the best small dog to get when staying in an apartment?

I would say a poodle

What is the best apartment dog for a 10 year old girl?

a pug

What are the reasons for using a dog treadmill?

For active dogs who have less than active owners, a dog treadmill may be the solution. It can be especially useful for those living in climates that are not conducive to strenuous exercise.

Should you get a Dutch Smoushond if you live in an apartment?

The Dutch Smoushond can be kept in an apartment as long as it is provided with enough exercise. This active breed of dog requires long, daily walks.

What is the best dog for apartment living?

The Chihuahua is probably the best dog for apartment life. The Chihuahua hates the cold and may shiver. It will tolerate and even appreciate a warm sweater on cooler days. They are great little dogs for apartment life. They are safe for children, older or young and very good companions.

What type of dogs are best for apartment living?

The best types of dogs for apartments are those known as pockets. In particular a pocket Chihuahuas small size makes it a great apartment dog.

Is the Portuguese Pointer a good breed for inexperienced dog owners to own?

These dogs are still excellent for active, first-time dog keepers. The Portuguese Pointer is keen to please its owner. They enjoy doing offers, particularly fetch or retrieval activities and daily exercise is significant. This breed would be suitable for first time dog owners who are very active.

Do dog owners live longer than none dog owners?

It depends, if the dog brings joy to the owners life then maybe.

What kind of dog should you get a dog that looks like a half collie half German shepherd or a dog that looks like a beagle I live in an apartment which is suitable?

It depends on the size and how active the dog is, because some active and large dogs need more room. PS- a beagle loves to spend time outside.

Need suggestions have an option of owning a Labrador or a German shepherd in an apartment. Highly confused?

I really do not think it is a good idea to have a large breed dog in an apartment. They need room to run and play, so unless you have time and a place to take the dog to do just that I don't agree with having one in an apartment. They are very active animals.

Are mini goldendoodles good for first time dog owners that live in an apartment and have timid and shy kids?

yes because they are sweet ,playful, and cuddly.

Can an apartment charge you for a service dog in training?

Service and assistance animals (or service dogs in training) are not technically pets and owners do not have to pay pet fees. The landlord or apartment, however, can charge a security deposit and may still seek money from the tenant if there is any damage caused by the animal to the home.

How many cat and dog owners are there in the world?

There are 7.3m Dog owners and 7.2m Cat owners registered in the UK.

Which brands have the best dog food ratings?

Evo and Science Diet have the best selling and overall ratings for dog owners. However, how the dog reacts/digests and likes a dog food brand is dependent on the dog, so these may not work.

Is the Old English Sheepdog a good apartment dog?

An Old English Sheepdog should be fine in an apartment as long as it is provided with enough exercise, that is, a daily walk, jog or run. However, bear in mind this is an active breed of dog. Its ideal home should have a yard which is at least average in size.

Can i have a bengal cat and boxer dog in an apartment?

As long as your landlord allows pets, you can have a Bengal cat and a boxer dog in an apartment.

Is the Portuguese Water Dog an active breed of dog?

The Portugese Water Dog is a very active breed of dog.

Where can you look to rent an apartment or house that will accept older German Shepard?

Look up adverts and ask the owners of the house. You shouldn't get an arpartment with a big GSD (German Shepherd Dog) as it is unfair on him, who is a high energy dog.

What dog is good for apartment?

A chiuhua is a good pet for an apartment, they are small and fun!

What is the best apartment dog?

Any dog that is small and is trained to not bark and doesn't have "accidents" on the ground. a jack Russel terrier would be nice :)

Is the Drentsche Patrijshond a good breed for inexperienced dog owners to own?

Depends on what kind of dog you're looking for. The Drentse Patrijshond is very active and needs to go to the forest. He can be stubborn sometimes but every dog can be. He's very sweet for children and really likes his boss. And you have to train every dog and every dog is different. Just think about the size and how active etc. you want.