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What is the best engine treatment?


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2010-08-25 18:05:34
2010-08-25 18:05:34

I use only one, Lucas oil stabilizer, because I only require one thing from it.

I had a serious issue with motor oil break down on the many diesel engines I had on the equipment I serviced. At oil change time it would run out like water from the drain plug, I also noticed this in my own vehicles, through time the viscosity of the oil breaks down and in my opinion is worthless as a lubricant in that state.

At a drag racing event I had a chance to talk with one of the Lucas brothers and I described the issue I was having with my Kubota engines, and the concerns I had for my own vehicles. He recommended the oil stabilizer and told me that I could use it in a much stronger percentage than the bottle recommends to prevent the problems i had.

So over the next 4 years I studied and tested, I used a 15% mix on all new equipment engines, and increased the percentage depending on the hours on the motors up to 50%.

What I mean is that for a 4 year old engine with 2500 hours ( lets say 50,000 miles on a car ) I would use a 25% mixture. If the engine took 4 quarts of oil at a change, one of them was going to be oil stabilizer.

After 200 hours ( 3000 miles on a car ) the oil was still oil when I changed it, it drained like oil, looked like oil, and felt like something that could lubricate an engine properly. Oil pressures were as good on the engines with 5000 hours as they were on the ones with 500, compression was excellent, there was no smoke or blow by.


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