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5,000 casualties , see wikipedia

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Q: What is the best estimate for the total number of British casualties in the War of 1812?
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What was the total number of casualties in Russia?

The total number of casualties in Russia were 9,150,000. Russia is at the top of the list for most casualties lost

What was the total number of deaths at the battle of the Somme?

There are conflicting numbers out there, but a safe estimate was a total of 1,200,000. That's about 420,000 British and 200,000 French. German casualties were estimated to 500,000 with incidentals of another 20,000 at least.

What was the total number of casualties in Britain in ww1?


Number of Casualties for the allies in World War 2?

Allied Military Casualties: 14,276,800 Allied Civilian Casualties: 25,686,900 Allied Total Casualties: 39,963,700

What were the total number of casualties for Germany in World War 1?

1.1 million German casualties in WW1.

What is the total number of casualties during civil war?


What were the total casualties for both the Germans and the British civilian and military personnel in the Battle of Britain?

* British Casualties: 1,547 aircraft; 27,450 dead civilians, 32,138 wounded civilians; 498 RAF pilots * German Casualties: 1,887 aircraft

What were the number of American casualties at Pearl Harbor?

There were a total of 2,403 American casualties, including 68 civilians. Source:

Which battle had the most casualties?

Gettysburg, lasting three days, had the highest total number of casualties. Antietam, lasting one day, had the highest single-day total.

What is the estimate of the total dead wounded and missing from World War I?

There were about 300,000 million casualties in world war 1.

What was the total number of Australian casualties in the Pacific theater in World War 2?


What is the Total number of US troops casualties in Iraq?

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