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The best way to reduce the extra fat that just seems to build up over time under your chest yet above your lower stomach is my doing numerous crunches. There are many different kinds of crunches; the best and most effective one ore the atomic crunch where you balance on your bottom and pull your legs into your chest (while staying balanced). It is difficult but it works like a charm when done continuosly. but like all exercises, you MUST keep up with it and watch what you eat in order for this to work. Another great one is the flutter kick. This one gets the lower stomach area. lay on your back and lift both legs about 6 inches from the ground. Then lift one leg at a time up into the air with a 6 count. then lower with the 6 count and repeat with other leg. Repeat this 3-6 times.

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Q: What is the best exercise to get rid of the fat under the chest and above the stomach?
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