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What filter is right for this pool depends on what your situation is or where you live. Some municipalities require that you use a filter that does not have a discharge; this would be a cartridge filter. Check with your local building department to confirm this requirement. Now if you have not restrictions then you will have 3 options. 1. A sand filter, this is the easiest filter to maintain. When it is dirty simply turn the pump off rotate the multiport valve to off and turn the pump on for about 1-2 minutes then turn the pump off rotate the multiport valve to rinse and turn the pump on again for about 20 seconds. Then turn the pump off and rotate the valve to the filter position and turn the pump on. You are now done cleaning the filter. The sand will need to be replaced every 3-5 years depending on how long you keep your pool open each swimming season. This is the easiest filter to maintain but does not offer the best filtration if you use silica sand. If you use a Zeolite material in place of sand you will increase the filters ability to clean the water to near D. E. quality and still maintain the sand characteristics. Zeolites are expensive. 2. A cartridge filter, this filters better than a sand filter with silica sand and there is no discharge so it meets some municipalities� requirements for zero discharge, but there is more maintenance involved. The filter will have to be cleaned manually, trust me this is a messy proposition, and they will have to be degreased once or twice a season. Many people put their cartridges in their dishwasher, however I would discourage this for 2 reasons, one it is hard on the caps on the end of the filter and two I would not want all the stuff the filter traps going into my dishwasher. The filters life should be about 5 years if you take care of the filter and have a 6-month swimming season. You should have 2 cartridges so you can be cleaning one and using the other. The filters tend to work better if you put them in dry. A replacement element usually runs about $1.00 per square foot of surface area. This filter has better filtration than a silica sand filter but requires more maintenance. 3. A D. E. filter, D. E. is short for Diatomaceous Earth, which is a ground fossil and is in powder form. It is just easier to say D.E. This is the best filtration you can get hands down, however some areas ban the use of D. E. If you choose this type of filter make sure you get either an extend cycle filter or a filter with a backwash valve preferably a multiport valve rather than a push pull valve, the multiport valve just offers more features than a push pull valve. This filter when cleaned will leave the D.E. wherever it is discharged and show white. It is best not to discharge this into lakes or streams. So what filter is best for you? Hard to say you need to pick the features that suit your needs so check out the list again and see what makes sense to you.

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Q: What is the best filter for a 32' X 16' X 7' deep end above ground pool?
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