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Avast seems to be one of a few antivirus applications out there that support the Windows xp pro x64 operating system, and it's free. Although you still need to find a compatible firewall. AVG is good and I think it also has a firewall. As an XP x64 user I have found Comodo internet suite seems to run the best as far as resources and ease of use. It also has a built in firewall and is pretty much "plug and play" in that you basically install it and let it do its job. Everything from scanning to updates to firewall rules has already been done for you, but these are trivially easy to change from the Comodo control panel if you so desire.

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Which antivirus program is best to run with Windows 7?

For antivirus for Windows 7 i would go with . You can also get free protection for your windows based PC from AVG

Is there any best antivirus compatible for Windows 7?

Avira is considered the best free software (

What is the best antivirus for windows xp pro x64 eddition?

Norton is the leader in security software for your computer with more PC Magazine Editor's choice awards than any other security company. Start a free trial and protect your PC today!

What is the best FREE antivirus software for windows xp?

Windows OS had Windows Defender, which is a built-in antivirus protection program. But this might not be enough to protect your PC. It is always a good option to have a 3rd party antivirus software, like for example Comodo antivirus, which has defence barricades and is made based on auto-sandboxing technology. Best Antivirus protection software available are: 1. Comodo Free antivirus 2. Avast Antivirus 3. McAfee antivirus

where can i get a free antivirus for my labtop am in school and idont have any extra ?

If you are running Windows 7, then Microsoft offers a free antivirus program that is probably the best you can get. If you are running an earlier Windows system, then AVG is your best best. If you are running a Mac or Linux laptop, then no antivirus software is needed.

Which antivirus software producers offer Free AV services?

One antivirus software that provides free AV services includes AVG AntiVirus 2013. This is a free download for people using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Where can one download free Windows antivirus software?

When one is looking to download free Windows antivirus software, one could go to the official AVG site. AVG is a free antivirus and anti-spyware that can be downloaded for Windows. AVAST 2013 also offers free anti-spyware and virus protection for Windows users.

Which antivirus software is best for windows 7?

One of the best free antiviruses is Avira (see "related links" and choose free version after you follow the link).

What is best antivirus suitable for Windows XP service pack 3?

For all Windows computers, I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. It's an antivirus program made by Microsoft (the same company that made Windows), so it works great with the features and the software in Windows. And best of all, it's free!

Is windows antivirus better than Norton?

Windows antivirus vs Norton is a matter of opinion. Windows antivirus is a very effective free virus protection program developed by windows. It has many positive reviews and happy users. My IT recommended it to me.

What is the best antivirus program for my laptop?

Hey, I found that you are having problem in finding the best antivirus with spyware . Dont' worry . We are always available to help you people. Check out this link best of all Antivirus software ht tps:// cutt. ly/sxebZQR (Remove space to get your spyware included antivirus)

What is best free antivirus for Windows Vista?

While "best" is very subjective, I have run Avast! for almost a year now, with very satisfactory results.

What is the most powerful free antivirus for windows 7 in 2010?

What is the most powerful free anti-virus for windows 7 in 2010

Are hardware firewalls and antivirus applications needed for Windows 7?

No, it is not compulsory or requirement for Windows 7. But, it is extremely recommended to have these software. Firewalls and Antivirus will help your operating system (or sometimes, the whole computer) to be free from virus. They will maintain your computer to it's best state if used properly with antivirus and firewalls.

Which is the best antivirus for window xp?

In my opinion AVG is the best anti-virus for Windows XP. AVG is free and easy to use. There is also Norton and McAfee.

What is the best antivirus software for windows 7?

ht tps: // yazing. com /d eals/ avg/ jonathan 8 Delete the spaces of the link text

Which is best antivirus for windows xp?

well, there are quite a few antivirus programs out there that are pretty good it also depends whether you are willing to spend money or not on an antivirus. some good free antivirus programs include: Avast Free Antivirus AVG free Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Some good ones that are not free: Avast Internet Security Norton Internet Security AVG

What is the best free antivirus program for windows 7?

I recommend what is the best from experience, you may find it here ht tps :// yazing. com /deals / avg / zoom the world (just remove all spaces)

Where could one find free antivirus software for Windows XP?

A person can find free antivirus software for Windows XP in several places. Some of these places include CNET Download, Comodo, Avira, Avast, and Kioskea.

Where can one purchase Windows Antivirus?

Windows comes with their antivirus, known as "Windows Defender" when you buy your PC it is already pre-installed and free, it's not as good at scanning your PC for spyware and viruses, and doesn't offer you the best protecting; that's why people buy antiviruses from other companies such as "AVG", "avast!", and many more.

Best download for free and genuine antivirus?

clamav - open source so fully free and no license needed. This started as a Linux anti-virus product but windows versions are available.

How can you get virus protection free?

Install any free antivirus software like AVG free Antivirus, avast free antivirus or avira antivir personal free antivirus.

How can you know your computer get virus?

Scan your PC using Free Antivirus Softwares , One of the best new technology Free Antivirus is

What is antivirus 1?

for sure kaspersky antivirus is the bestin the free section, you can try avira and avg . great options

What is a reliable antivirus and firewall software?

AVG and Avast are the two best free antivirus programs. They both also have versions that customers must purchase that work very well, and those come with build in firewall options. Kaspersky is considered to be one of the best on the market. Windows has a built in firewall, but Zone Alarm is a good free alternative.

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