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The Honeywell small-room space heaters are around $30, and an excellent value. They can heat up a small bedroom very quickly.


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Unfortunately, there is no one that will be able to fix your water heater for under $50. The parts alone cost a lot of money, and the average amount spent on parts and labor for fixing a water heater is $700.

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The Apple Magic Mouse is the best Bluetooth portable mouse under 50.

In my opinion the best £50 phone is the Samsung tocco lite

The heater core is leaking. Replacing the heater core is your best bet.

The heater core itself, should be under $50. Installation aprox $300 to $400.

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I would look at the Colt Defender. it's under $50

The Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 is a great pick for under $50.

Case Logic 15.4" Canvas Laptop Messenger Bag is the best laptop case on the market for under $50

In the middle of the heater box under the dashIn the middle of the heater box under the dash

Samsonite makes some of the highest quality laptop bags around for under $50.

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Best to get the shop manual but basically: Reomove Heater hoses from engine block and drain. Remove glove box. Disconnect cables that connect to heater core. Disconnect heater core from firewall. Disconnect hoses from heater core. Pull heater core from under dash.

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Age of empires (demo) : the instalation file is under 50 mb after installed it will increase to 80-100 mb

AC and heater are 2 different systems. The heater works by channeling fluid from your radiator to a heater core usually located under your dash. Heater may not work due to blockage in the line from the radiator or the heater core under your dash may be faulty.

Petstores. Online. Get an under tank heater.

it's in the heater box under the glove box.simply disconnect the hoses under the hood,and take the heater box out from under the dash get a new core and install

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