What is the best iPod?

The best brand of an ipod is Apple and the best ipod from Apple is The Ipod Touch.

Actually, the iPod IS Apple. All other music players are called MP3s, Apple came out with the actual iPod. But yes, the iPod Touch is definitely the best iPod by far. There are the iPods Apple makes:

The iPod Touch = if you want Internet, games, movies, video camera (2011 version), and touchscreen.

iPod Classic = If you want LOTS of storage (160gb), room for tons of movies, and simple games.

iPod Nano = A simpler iPod, and GREAT for music, pictures, and a few addicting games.

iPod Shuffle = This is as simple as it gets. If you want a small, 5 button iPod with room for your fav songs, this is the right one.