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What is the best iPod?


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The best brand of an iPod is Apple and the best ipod from Apple is The Ipod Touch.

Actually, the iPod IS Apple. All other music players are called MP3s, Apple came out with the actual iPod. But yes, the iPod Touch is definitely the best iPod by far. There are the iPods Apple makes:

The iPod Touch = if you want internet, games, movies, video camera (2011 version), and touchscreen.

iPod Classic = If you want LOTS of storage (160gb), room for tons of movies, and simple games.

iPod Nano = A simpler iPod, and GREAT for music, pictures, and a few addicting games.

iPod Shuffle = This is as simple as it gets. If you want a small, 5 button iPod with room for your fav songs, this is the right one.


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the best ipod to this date is the apple ipod 32gb touch. i have one and love it!!!

The best bet for buying a new ipod is free shipping and low prices on the latest Apple iPods at Best Buy, including iPod Touch, iPod nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic.

ipod nano is not so comlpulated as the ipod touch

The iPod Touch 3rd generation is the best generation of iPod Touch. The iPod Touch 4th generation is pretty good too

Best Buy sells four types of iPods. The iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano and the iPod shuffle.

5th Generation Ipod Classic

ipod touch 32g for sure

Myself I would go with the iPod touch.

The best music to put on an iPod Touch is the music you enjoy.

The best ipod clock radios are made by imode.

my opinion is the ipod touch. it has many cool games and u have Internet also. but if you are the type of person who doesn't really want games and Internet, the best ipod for you would be the ipod shuffle or nano. I have and ipod touch and its SOOO cool!!! I think the ipod touch but the nano would probably be the best out of all the other ones if the touch is to high for you Then there are those who truly and honestly believe that the next iPod will be the best ever.

It can give your ipod glitches itunes is the best place to buy music and movies for your ipod.

Best Buy has good deals on ipod touches.

The iPod touch because you can buy apps and everything I love it!!

It is the best iPod on the market. Buy one now!

Bose is probably the best iPod docking station. The clarity and the sound is amazing. Your little iPod will produce the most amazing sound with this docking station. Bose and iPod are a great combination.

The iPod Touch 4G currently costs $205 at Best Buy.

i think the ipod classic is the best ipod to get. it has lots of storage space up to 160gb. the ipod touch only goes up to 64gb. and on the ipod classic you can have up to 200 hours of movies and you can have up to 45,000 songs and 20,000 pictures. so i would definitely get the ipod classic if i were you :)

doesnt make sense there wont be ipod 2 there is ipod touch ipod nano ipod classic and ipod shuffle they dont call it ipod 2 or 3 p.s buy the ipod touch its the best ipod

The iPod Nano is actually the best selling iPod brand music player of all time. It was so popular because it was tiny and easy to carry along with you.

the best ipod touch app for books would be ebooks you can find them on the apple website.

20 dollars to unlock ipod touches at best buy

Apple iPod nano 8GB (5th Generation) - Black would be the best for the money

Ipod... you get to buy songs you don't have and downlkoad songs you do have.

2cd generation 64gb ipod touch for 400 dollars

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