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This is a matter of personal preference on the part of the 2 people involved.

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Q: What is the best intercourse method?
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What is the best method for intercourse?

The best method is to see that you both are adults and she has agreed for a intercourse. And please use a condom.

What is the best general method for preparing the vagina (foreplay) for intercourse?

To be relaxed and thoroughly excited

How can you make your wife pregnant?

The usual method is to have sexual intercourse with her.

What is the method to increase reproduction?

Maybe, Have more sexual intercourse. fragmentation

What is a dogs method of reproduction?

Dogs have sexual intercourse, and to reproduce have heterosexual intercourse. Usually in what we have nicknamed "Doggy Style" where the male is behind the female.

What safe method of intercourse for avoiding pregnancy?

Condoms both safest & easiest.

What is the sharia procedure to intercourse with wife?

There is no known answer to the Sharia procedure method to intercourse. Sharia law permits a woman to be stoned to death for having sex outside of marriage.

Can you use pregnancy test kit after 7 days of intercourse?

It is best if you wait until 14 days after intercourse.

What is the best way to have a baby?

Have sexual intercourse when you are ovulating.

Best way no to get pregnant?

Don't have sexual intercourse.

Suggest one method of preventing the spread of HIV?

well there is several but i will give a few . 1.Abstain from sexual intercourse. 2.Always use a condom during sexual intercourse.

How can women get pregnant?

She gets pregnant by intercourse sex when she is in her mature period and both she and her partner are fertility-wise qualified. The other method is 'artificial insemination'.By having sexual intercourse.AKA , sex.

What method of output would be best for a memorandum?

Printer would be best method of output for a resume Printer would be best method of output for a resume

Is it common after intercourse to have burning when you go to the bathroom?

No. Intercourse shouldn't hurt, either during or after. The best person to ask about this is a qualified physician.

What is the best time to have intercourse and not get pregnant?

Anytime with a condom and the pill

When is the best time to have intercourse without a condom?

When your partner is pregnant

What is the simplest sexual position?

Missionary or man on the top is the simplest, most common and popular method for sexual intercourse.

What is the best method of seed dispersal?

Wind is the best method of seed dispersal.

What is the best method for protein estimation?

lowrys method

Is it safe to have intercourse a night after menstruation?

If you are trying to get pregnant that seems the best time to have intercourse. Of course if you are wearing protection than that doesn't matter.

How can you not get a girl pregnet?

The simplest method is to avoid sexual intercourse. The other is to use a condom or other form of birth control.

The scientific method is the best way to do what?

The Scientific Method is the best way to answer a question about the natural world.

Which is the best method of hemoglobin estimation?

According to me Sahli' Methods is the best method for estimation of HB

What is the best time to take your pill?

Within 48 hours after intercourse

Which method is best for determining Protein Quality?

Lowry method