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try Karate Kid, it is very funny... hope i helped

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What is the best movie in the 80s?

The best movie from the 80s would be the karate kid with ralph macchio and pat morita which was made in 1984! that movie is about a bullied student who finally does KARATE

What is this karate movie?

karate kid (AWESOME MOVIE!)

What is the best martial arts movie?

Karate Kid, is one of the most popular.

Whats the best karate?

There is no "best" Karate type it varys on what type you want to do. The best karate style is the one that you will study and practice.

When does the movie karate kid come out?

The movie Karate Kid comes out on June 11, 2010.

How much of the karate does Jaden Smith really do in the movie Karate Kid?

He is in the entire movie. he is the MAIN character

Was Karate Kid a good movie?

Karate kid is a great movie of kids to watch. It's full of action.

What year did karate kid debut?

The movie Karate Kid came out in 1984.

What is the movie The Karate Kid rated 1993?

There was no Karate Kid film in 1993.

Why is karate the best sport?

karate being the best sport is your OPINION, it cant be proven or given a reason why. i like karate and think it is a great sport, but you cant call it the best

The theme tune 2 karate kid?

"Joe Esposito - you're the best" plays at the end tournament of the movie.

What is the coolest martial art?

Karate all the way. i know i do karate and have done a couple others. karate is the best.

What is the theme of the movie karate kid?

As in the theme song ... 'You're the Best Around' by Joe Esposito. It's an awesome song!

Movie beginning with letter k?

Karate Kid Karate Kid II Kangaroo Jack

Karate movie jaden smith is playing in?

The karate kid, he stars in it along with Jackie Chan.

Does jaden smith like the girl in the karate kid?

no he doesn't. he had to act for the movie "Karate Kid".

Who is is best in karate?

Since "best" would be considered a opinion, their is no best. Pick who you think is the best at karate, because your opinion should be yours, and not somebody else's.

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