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Q: What is the best kind and size of binoculars for longer distances?
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What kind of prisms are in swarovski binoculars?

Swarovski binoculars have roof prism.

Which kind of object is the best standard candle for measuring distances to extremely distant galaxies?

A white dwarf supernova.

What kind of object is the best standard candle for measuring distances to extremely distant galaxies?

Probably type la supernova

What kind of distances are measured in millimeters?

Usually small distances. You may get rainfall measured in mm.

What kind of skills do zoologists need?

binoculars scaples scissors tweezers micrscopes computer and books

A light-year is a unit used for what kind of measurement?

Great astronomical distances, such as the distances between stars and galaxies.

What is The best kind of skull candy headphones?

Low rider, they last longer and the sound quality is better

What kind of binoculars did Germany use in World War 2?

Zeiss 6X30 power were standard issue to officers

What are the different kind of optical instrument?

Magnifier,Microscope,Telescope,Binoculars,The Slide Projector,Camera,Overhead Projector

What kind of math is used in the Olympics?

for measuring distances and to get the score of the performance.

How long is a suspense bridge?

Light, and strong, suspension bridges can span distances from 2,000 to 7,000 feet far longer than any other kind of bridge. They are ideal for covering busy waterways.

What kind of reviews do Saucony Hattori get?

The Saucony Hattori shoes are a great running shoe for longer distances and people who need support because the turn their foot out when they run. More reviews can be found on Nextagg.

What kind of distances would you choose to make measurements in kilometers?

Kilometer is a unit of measure for long distances, greater than 1 km.

What kind of change happens to water when it is boiled?

physical changeIn gas phase the molecules take more room, move fasterover (1000 times) longer distances before collating to other molecules as compaired to liquid.

What kind of turkey can fly in short distances up to 55 mph?

a skinny one

What is the best kind of rechargeable battery?

Sanyo Eneloop has the best rating on They come fully charged and retain their charge longer than most other rechargeable batteries.

What kind of batteries last longer?


What kind of wheel is used to measure long distances?

I think its called a trogan wheel or something...

What kind of exercise can improve muscular endurance?

Hike, ride a bicycle or swim long distances

What are the best kind of rechareable batteries?

The best kind of rechargeable batteries are the hybrid Eneloop batteries because they come fully charged and they have an extensive life. They can hold a charge 6 months and sometimes even longer and are worth the cost in the long run.

Where do lizards live longer?

Depends on what kind of lizard.

What kind of transportation do most people use?

cars if the road is short and planes if you are going long distances

What kind of long necked white bird likes to dance and migrate long distances?

The snowy egret.

Hybrid Electric?

As hybrid cars contain an electrical engine as one of their power sources, some models now rely solely on electricity and that engine to power them. In a standard hybrid, a computer chip decides whether to run on gas or electric power. But these cars are not built to travel longer distances on electrical power alone. A vehicle like the Chevrolet Volt is the first of its kind in which the vehicle runs solely on electrical power and it able to travel longer distances on electrical power.

What kind of system is wan used for?

Wan, or Wide Area Network, is used for computers to communicate over great distances. The internet is a good example of people communicating over great distances.