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What is the best kind of minivan to get today?

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In searching for a new mini van ourselves, we researched Toyota, Honda and Chrysler. After test driving and comparing all three, we felt that the Honda Odyssey was the best value in relation to cost, safety, comfort and class. We were looking for a basic mini van with a budget around $26,000 dollars. In The Odyssey we were able to get EX-L that includes leather seats, seating for 8, all power, sunroof, CD stereo system and a V-6 engine with power and economical as well. Check it out and get a feel of it yourself!

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Which is the Best car for taxi?

A minivan.

What is the best minivan?

2012 Honda Odyssey

What kind of battery Chevy Lumina minivan?

Any place that sells batteries can tell you the correct size battery. The AC/Delco battery is one of the best.

Which is the best Toyota minivan that came out?

the best minivan that just came out is a 2011 Toyota sienna minivan that's my opinion !!!! also see motor trend magazines November & December. also see automobile magazines November & December. lotsa info there. /end. opinion #2/

What is a suzuki every minivan?

The Suzuki Every Minivan is a multi-purpose minivan.

How much does a minivan cost?

It depends on what condition it is in and what kind of model, I found one for $830!

What kind of brakes go on the rear of a 1999 Plymouth Voyager minivan?

Drum brakes.

What is a decent price on a used minivan and what is the best model to buy?

A 2005 Honda Odyssey would be a good minivan to buy due to higher gas mileage and roomy interior. A fair price for this minivan would be between $9,000-13,000.

What kind of gas should a 2016 Suzuki Minivan use?

Flex-fuel (unleaded/E85)

What is the best car buy today?

The best will be the car will serve your needs the best. If you need a car for driving from home to work only - than think about fuel economy. If you have a children you might consider a minivan. Even if the price is a biggest concern you have to consider your needs fist.

How many feet long is a minivan?

It depends on the minivan.

What are the best minivans?

The best minivans for large families include the Dodge Grand Caravan. It is the most popular minivan.

Does a minivan transform into a robot?

G1 Skids is a minivan, and so is RID X-Brawn, the brother of Prowl and Sideburn. G1 Ironhide also Transforms into a minivan. So technically, no. A minivan can not turn into a robot, but a Transformer robot can turn into a minivan.

Where can one purchase a 2013 Honda Minivan?

The best place to look for a 2013 Honda minivan is a Honda dealership. Buying from a Honda dealership provides the best guarantee on vehicles and gives buyers peace of mind that the vehicle is good quality.

What kind of antifreeze would go into a 2004 Chrysler minivan?

Red, 5 year, do not use DEXCOOL.

What are the measurements of the opening in the back of a minivan?

It varies by size of minivan.

When did Ford release their first Town and Country edition?

Ford doesn't make a Town & Country. Chrysler released its first Town & Country model in 1990. It was the first luxury minivan. Chrysler is still producing the minivan today.

What is the Spanish word for minivan?

minivan = el monovolumen or el monospacio

What is the best Honda?

The best selling Honda is the Honda Mobilio. An Indian Car. Its a minivan, so the features can be a massive trunk(bonnet).

How many seats does a minivan Ford have?

How many seats do a minivan ford have?Six

Small vans seem very popular today what small van has the best gas mileage?

The Mazda M5 is the minivan with the best gas mileage. It is slightly smaller than most vans, and it is rated at 28 miles per gallon on the highway, and 22 mpg in the city.

What car battery Is best for a 2001 mercury villager minivan?

Group 24R is the largest you can easily fit.

What are the best used vans for mileage efficiency?

I would shop for a Honda Odessey minivan for fuel economy.

Can you describe how to pick a sample of 50 minivan owners that represent the minivan owners of your state?

You can make a survey to the people around your community asking them if they are an minivan owner.

When was the minivan created?

The earliest vehicle that could be called a minivan is the 1936 Stout Scarab.