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What is the best leather furniture?

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There is only one as far as I'm concerned. Stressless. Go to a local retailer.

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What is the best kind of leather furniture available?

I strongly believe that a leather chair is the best kind of leather furniture available. specificly a Lazyboy leather chair. They are great for sitting in the living room and reading a book or watching tv.

Where can I buy suede leather furniture?

You can purchase suede leather furniture at Bari Leather Furniture. They have a huge selection.

What is a store that sells leather furniture?

Almost any furniture store sells leather furniture. A great place to find leather furniture is at Lazy Boy. Even Sam's Club has a great variety of leather furniture!

What is the best way to care for leather furniture?

The best way to clean leather furniture is to keep it dusted with a dry cloth on a regular basis. If something is spilled on the leather, simply soak it up and shine it up with the use of some baby oil.

What furniture cleaners will not damage leather?

I have leather furniture in my living room and it needs to be cleaned. Are there any furniture cleaners that can be purchased to use on the leather without damaging it?

How do you remove paint from leather furniture?

You can use turpentine to remove paint from the leather furniture.

What is the best polish for my dinning room furniture?

Copenhagen makes a great leather and wood cleaner designed exclusively for furniture.

What is the best way to restore leather furniture?

I would recommend cleaning the leather with a mild soap and warm water. If the stains still do not come off then upgrade to a leather cleaner. Never scrub hard and do not use chemicals on the furniture.

What is the best product to clean leather office furniture?

Any leather cleaner will work well, but consider the Staples leather cleaner for a good, cheap cleaner.

Where is the best place to find customized leather sofas?

There are a few places that offer customized leather sofas, such as Bassett Furniture, CC Leather, The Sofa Co., Sofas and Sectionals, and American Leather.

Do cats scratch leather furniture?

Cats will scratch at just about anything, sometimes it's the leather furniture.

How do you waterproof new leather furniture?

with a rag and a bottle of leather water-proofer for furniture. Any big furniture store would sell it.

Where can I find leather office furniture?

Leather office furniture is available where most office furniture is sold. Some good places to shop are,, and

When considering living room furniture, what type of fabric is best for homes with pets?

Microfiber is probably the best fabric for living room furniture in houses that have pets. Leather may be another good fabric, however claws can sometimes scratch the leather.

What is the definition of a leather suite?

A leather suite refers to a piece of furniture that is made of leather. There are a wide variety of furniture companies that are known to manufacture these products.

How to paint leather?

Will acryllic paint stick to leather furniture?

Are you looking for hard wood Italian Leather modern fashionable urban industrial and ecological furniture?

Boho Furniture Gallery is one of the Best Contemporary Furniture Stores and Designers.

Where are the best places to find quality leather sofa furniture?

There is a wide of variety of retailers who sell high-quality leather sofas. Some of these retailers are Target, Sears, La-Z Boy, and Ashley Furniture.

What is the best way to store leather furniture?

All furniture should be cleaned properly before storing. When storing leather furniture, it is best to do so in a climate controlled unit to prevent damage.

What is the meaning of Luke Leather?

Luke Leather is an Italian leather furniture company in the United States.

Which is more durable leather or fabric furniture?

Leather is more durable as long as it is quality leather.

Is leather furniture man made?

All furniture is man made.

What retailers sell contemporary leather furniture?

Bobs furniture is one place that sells contemporary leather furniture as well as many other places like Jordans or bernie and phylis furniture stores

Where should I go to buy leather furniture for my living room?

Most local furniture stores carry a large variety of leather furniture, including couches, chairs, and loveseats. If they don't have the exact thing in leather, they can often order it.