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I would say within arms reach of the toilet. preferably on the right side.

No. If the toilet is near the corner of the room, then the wall that the toilet ISNT laying against is the place for the toilet paper roll. I prefer not to put a toilet paper roll across from the toilet. It annoys me.... i say why don't you put the toilet paper in the bathroom that's were it belongs anyway

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 19:02:07
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Q: What is the best location for a toilet paper roll?
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How many yards of toilet paper are on a toilet paper roll?

It depends on the size of the roll,

How long is a toilet paper roll?

A toilet paper roll will vary depending on toilet paper thickness and how many pieces are on a roll. The average length is 4 to 5 feet long.

How do you make a toilet paper roll rollacoster that has no toilet paper?

yes,you can

How many sheets on a toilet paper roll?

There are anywhere from 350 to 500 sheets of toilet paper on one roll

How is a toilet paper a wheel and axle?

Because the toilet paper is on a wheel, and you roll it out (like a wheel) to get the paper.

How much water is used to make a roll of toilet paper?

one roll of toilet paper uses about 0.8 pounds of water

What is that thing called with the toilet paper roll and he wool wrapped around it?

toilet paper holder

What is the placement of a toilet paper roll holder?

Next to the toilet generally, could you be more specific? toilet paper dispensers

How do you hang a toilet roll?

so the toilet paper is coming from under

How do you say toilet roll in French?

a toilet roll is 'un rouleau de papier toilette' toilet paper is 'du papier-toilette'

Which toilet paper brand offers the best value?

I think the answer would vary from person to person. For me and many others I know Scott's 1000 sheets per roll is the best and most affordable toilet paper.

What is the proper way to install toilet paper roll?

Toilet T-issue Toilet Paper Direction Poll:

Cost of toilet paper in 1960?

I remember toilet paper sold individually at about 6 cents a roll througout the 1960s

What is round and has hundreds of squares?

roll of toilet paper

Inventor of toilet paper roll?

Nathan nowicki

Option for toilet paper roll?

Use water!

What is a toilet roll?

thin paper to wipe your bottom with

Do you recycle toilet paper rolls?

You can recycle the cardboard roll from the toilet paper just as you can recycle the cardboard rolls of paper towels, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc., as long as the roll is cardboard.

Should you put a toilet paper roll in a hamster cage?

You don't have to, but hamsters love to chew on them. As long as there is no actual toilet paper left on the roll that they could choke on, it should not be a problem.

What to do when your unprepared for your period?

If it is an absolute emergency, roll up toilet paper and put it in your underwear until you get get a pad or tampon. Note: use very thick roll of toilet paper.

How many squares in a roll of toilet paper?

depends how long the roll is

What toilet paper does not clog toilet?

All toliet paper can clog a toliet...just dont use half of the roll good toilet melts in water

Raw material requried for toilet roll manufacturing?


Why would people cut trees for?

toilet roll/paper

How do you make stuff for a guinea pig using a toilet paper roll and paper?

You can have them bite a blank sheet of paper, which can actually be considered as an edible toy for them. For the toilet paper roll, have them hide in it, if it's big enough, otherwise you can simply have them bite it!