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This would be one of those questions with a thousand answers, because it has to do with many things. Do you want to hunt, target shoot, do you want heavy recoil, or a light nudge, do you want to reload, or buy factory ammunition. There are many rifles that are the best long range rifle for many different people. There's also the budget issue. The Varmint Hunter Association would have you in a heavy barrelled, 22-250 or something similar. The longest range kill of a person in combat was done with a $10,000 .50 caliber rifle made by the McMillan Brothers. Two very different rifles but well-suited for the task at hand.

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Q: What is the best long range rifle?
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What is the best long range hunting rifle?

it depends on what your hunting

What is best mid to long range rifle?

anything in 30/06

What is the best long range tactical rifle?

Cheytac inetvention hands down

What is the best long range rifle ammo?

There is no one "best" of any firearm or cartridge. Depends on the use that it is to be put to.

Is it better to hunt a bear with a shotgun or a rifle?

shotgun for close range and rifle for long range.

What is the Best long range rifle for hunting?

You will have to define what "long range" means to you. For some it's anything over 100 m; for others 300 m

What is the best long range rifle scope?

There are so many long range rifle scope in the market. You can go with nightforce , zeiss , swarovski scopes. they assist in long-range shooting and at low light condition. They are all powerful weapon and also excellent choice for hunting & shooting experience.

What is the best long range rifle for elk hunting?

You will have to define what "long range" means to you. For some it's anything over 100 m; for others 300 m

What is the best long range target rifle?

Savage makes an out of the box, 1000 yard rifle capable of 1/2moa accuracy. I think retail is 1200 dollars.

what is the best gun in fortnite?

What is The best big game long range caliber?

There are a lot of calibers that are able to shoot long distances the best rifle in the 30 caliber family are any of the 300's from the weatherby to the winchest er will do a great job on those long range shots

What is the best rifle target shooting caliber?

Over what range?

What did the sharps long range rifle kill of the Plains Indians?


What is the best semi auto rifle in 308?

'Best' is a highly subjective term, and one of the variables may be purpose. A military-style semi auto will not be the best for hunting or long range competition.

Model 94 long rifle 1920how much is it worth?

Without a detailed description, the best you will get is a price range of a couple hundred to a couple thousand.

What year was the long range winner rifle made and how much is it worth?

What competition?

What makes a good long range rifle?

A really good barrel is the beginning.

What is the most powerful sniper rifle in the world?

All a sniper rifle is ,is a rifle anybody uses for long range shooting.some populare long range power houses are the 20mm vulcan, 950 jdj, and the 14.5mm jdj. All three are long range monsters and very VERY powerful so it wont matter at all. The cheapest one and most practical is the 14.5mm.

What is the range of a Marlin 4570 rifle?

The 45/70 is best kept in the 0-150 yard range out of a lever gun.

What is the normal range of a 22 long rifle bullet?

I believe the range for a 40gr. CCI is just over 7600 feet, or about 1.5 miles Accuracy diminishes after 200 yards with standard velocity 22. long rifle ammunition.

When were sniper rifles invented?

It is believed that sniper rifles were invented around 1857 with the advent of the Enfield rifle. This rifle was then surpassed by the Whitworth rifle which became the first long range sniper rifle.

What is the best long range target rifle for a beginner?

If you are beginning, I would start with less than long range- a good 22LR target rifle at 100 yards. The skills you learn there will carry over to very long range shooting. Once you have mastered that, the next step will depend on what you call long range. To some people, that is 300 yards- to others, 1200 yards. 5.56 mm ARs, .6mm and .308 bolt rifles are popular choices. Please do NOT start with a .50 BMG or .338 Lapua.

What is the best weapon is Halo 2?

There is no such thing as the "best" weapon. All weapons have their disadvantages. For example, the energy sword is one of the better close range weapons while the sniper or focus rifle are best for long range. It all depends on how good the user is and how good the target is

What is the best 22 long rifle?

Eley Tenex

What is the standard barrel lenghth for a long range rifle?

Your question is to vague. What do you mean by "long range? Depenidng on that answer, barrel length could be from 24 inches on up.