What is the best mens fragrance?

Terre d'Hermes - Hermes
A great daytime fragrance

M7 - Yves Saint Laurent
For the night

There's no definitive 'best', it depends on your personality, the occasion, the season (some scents are better in cold weather), and the time (day/night).

Try men's Versailles fragrance, true scent of the past! from Julian Rouas Paris


This essence of this truly unique fragrance is extracted from the Cebene Trees on the

grounds of the Versailles Castle in France. This is the only fragrance in the world to draw

these scents, recalling an Old World feeling, making this not only created for the man, but

woman favor this scent as well. The heart notation is musky Vanilla, and for the base we

have blended an extract of fragrant plants from the Mediterranean Sea, including the

famous Vetiver and Eau de Mate.