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Depends on the size of the lawn mostly. A push mower (or better yet a powered drive push mower) would have the best control in rough terrain, but if it is a large lawn a riding mower is better.

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Q: What is the best mower for rough terrain- a push mower or riding mower?
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Whats the best riding mower for hilly terrain?

The best riding mower for hilly terrain is would be any kind of walk behind mower as you control it's movements, speed, and direction. However, if you have a large yard and want a riding mower newer LG mowers a good bet. An older option would be a Gravely Garden Tractor.

what is the best brand of riding lawn mower?

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Who makes the best zero turning riding mower?

Toro Titan

What vehicle is best suited for high altitude and rough terrain?

a mini.

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Best mower for rough cut mowing?

Two of the best mowers for rough cut mowing are DR Field and Brush Mower 44" 10.5 HP Premier - Tow-Behind and a Swisher RC14544BS Tow Behind Rough Cut Trailcutter Rough Cut Tow.

How do you remove the friction disc from a weedeater we261 riding mower?

Place mower near street with FREE MOWER sign. That is the best way to remove the clutch/drive on this POS mower.

Best oil for Murray 20 hp riding mower?

30 hd oil

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Who makes the best riding mower?

John Deere. History of reliable products second to none in the industry!

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